BMW & Adaia Team Up to Create Rugged Satellite Smartphone for Adventurers


BMW and Adaia will be teaming up to develop the Blackcomb, an Android smartphone that will come with satellite capabilities. The Blackcomb is a device meant for adventurous types who bring their smartphones biking, snowboarding, kayaking, skiing, sailing, etc.

These activities often happen in the middle of nowhere, where it can be a challenge to find a cellular signal — so the Blackcomb’s satellite connectivity will make it easy to make phone calls or check email.

Adaia CEO Heikki Sarajarvi told AllThingsD he wanted to create the company after he destroyed too many smartphones while sailing.

Adaia has partnered with BMW Group’s DesignWorksUSA on the hardware, which was inspired by topographical maps, and the industrial design includes a firm grip. The prototype for the Blackcomb took over two years to develop, and Adaia plans to begin testing the device sometime this summer.

When it comes to the price, it will cost more than your top-tier smartphone. The return of investment comes from removing the risk of replacing a broken phone or being stranded during an emergency. The Blackcomb will be released sometime late next year, but specific details including screen size, features and hardware have not yet been released. As soon as we find out more details we will keep you updated.