WATCH: Using Google Glass While Playing Basketball

Google Glass may be a technological marvel, but it certainly has real-world appliances too. The newest users of Google Glass have been tweeting, Facebooking, and Google Plus-ing images and videos of them using the most technologically advanced pair of glasses ever.

Recently, Noble Ackerson, a recent adopter of Google Glass, shared a video of him playing basketball with Google Glass. Watch it below:

The video is great, and shows Ackerson draining three-pointers for 2 minutes. But, after a little while, it does get a little dizzying.

It’s interesting to think about the potential of Google Glass and sports. Learning how to play basketball, baseball, football, etc could be infinitely easier using Google Glass. Not only that, but if athletes were to get Google Glass, we would be able to see what they see during games. Could you imagine watching from Steve Nash’s point of view as he threads passes to Kobe Bryant? Google Glass could add another layer to watching sports and give viewers a taste of the action from the ground.

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