iPhone 5S Rumors for May 2013: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

iPhone 5S Rumors for May 2013: 5 Fast Facts You Need to KnowMore details here: heavy.com/tech/2013/05/iphone-5s-rumors-release-date-may-2013-roundup/ The iPhone 5S rumors have been ramping up and we've got the newest rumors for you. Here's what you need to know about the newest iPhone 5S rumors.2013-05-29T16:37:13.000Z

The iPhone 5S rumors have been ramping up and we’ve got the newest rumors for you. Here’s what you need to know about newest iPhone 5S rumors.

1. Expect a Brand New Screen

The past couple iPhone’s have featured a very high-res screen called a “Retina Display.” The Retina Display is a brand created by Apple, but the screens are actually produced by LG, Samsung, and other manufacturers. The Retina Display now is in a number of Apple devices, including the iPad, iPod Touch, and Macbook Pro’s. But, it looks like Apple may be changing the Retina Display.
BGR writes that a Chinese gadget blog called WeiPhone said, “claims the iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6, as the site says it could be called) will include a new Retina display that packs twice as many pixels into a panel that is the same size as the current model’s display.” Apparently, it will have more than 1.5 million pixels, 730,000 more pixels than the iPhone 5.

2. And Expect a Thinner Bezel

What the hell is a bezel? It’s that annoying little border around the iPhone. While the bezel on the iPhone isn’t as annoying as it is on the iPad, it’s still a nuisance, in my opinion. It’d be great to see an edge-to-edge-to-edge-to-edge, though that would mean Apple would need to invent a virtually unbreakable screen. But, according to recent reports, the bezel on the new iPhone 5S will be even smaller than it’s predecessors.

3. It’ll Have A Better Front and Back Camera

The camera specs for the iPhone line have been woefully under-par. Unfortunately, a number of new phones — the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 come to mind — have fantastic camera specs and innovative features that trump the iPhone’s camera. But, the iPhone 5S camera may be getting a big update, according to this article from Cult of Mac.

4. The iPhone 5S Could Have Really Cool Features

Fingerprint scanning technology has been a long-rumored addition to the iPhone’s hardware, since Apple bought AuthenTec this time last year in a $300 million plus deal. AuthenTec is a security company that specializes in fingerprint technology, which lent credence to the rumors that the iPhone’s home button may have a fingerprint scanner for added security. It seems like Apple’s working on another cool feature too. TechnoBuffalo writes that Apple was granted a patent for a feature that alters the volume of your phone depending on your proximity. TechnoBuffalo writes:

Take the Apple handset slightly away from your ear and it will slightly raise the volume. Step further away and the volume will raise automatically. Put your smartphone down and the speaker will activate.

5. The iPhone 5S can Help Apple’s Bottom Line

The iPhone 5S can be the big hit Apple’s been craving. Obviously, the company is still one of the strongest on the New York Stock Exchange, but has been falling precipitously. Since September, the company’s stock has been falling drastically, and Apple hasn’t released a new product in over 7 months. The reports from China indicate that the iPhone 5S will be released in September, which means an entire summer of tech bloggers writing iPhone 5S rumors. Obviously, the anticipation for the iPhone 5 led to Apple reaching unprecedented heights, and the iPhone 5S can do the same for Apple this year too. That being said, CEO Tim Cook definitely doesn’t want to artificially increase the stock’s price. Expect Cook to make some comments about Apple’s future tonight when he speaks at the AllThing’sD conference.

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