Michael Arrington Sues Jenn Allen Over Rape Allegations

According to Gawker’s tech-gossip site, Valleywag, Michael Arrington has sued Jenn Allen over her repeated allegations that he physically abused her and raped her multiple times.

Valleywag writes:

In demand for trial filed just yesterday, Arrington’s lawyers allege Allen tried to “smear [his] name on the internet” and “destroy his reputation.”

Arrington claims Allen’s comments were made “with malice,” and were only a result of their breakup—he’ll be seeking damages of “over $75,000” accordingly.

They also managed to obtain a copy of the demand for trial, which was sent in just yesterday. You can view the document below.

Allen has yet to publicly comment on the new developments, and we’ll update this story if and when she does.

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