WATCH: The C1, An Innovative Enclosed Motorcycle, Set to Change the Industry

Is it a motorcycle? Is it a car?

No, it’s the C1.

Lit motors has created a prototype motorcycle that is enclosed and does not tip over. The CEO says that it would take 1700 pounds of force or a baby elephant ramming the motorcycle to knock it over. The vehicle has two gyroscopes that stabilize the C1 while driving and has “landing gear” when parked. But what’s really futuristic about it? It’s completely electric. This may be a nice meeting point between cars and standard motorcycles, as increased safety will appeal to the common consumer, as will the all electric capabilities.

In the future, the C1 will have a touch screen integrated into the steering wheel. The internal computer system will recognize your phone and all of your media will be at your fingertips, while never having to pull it out of your pocket.

Now,the C1 is still in the prototype phase so there’s no way to tell when it will be ready for market but you can get on the reserved list through Lit’s website at