Firefox OS: What You Need To Know

Android and iPhones are everywhere. We can’t live without our smartphones. They are essential tools for us to do every-day tasks. These iOS and Android powered products can help us call a cab, check the weather and more. Their popularity also means they control about 70% of the market share. Now, they might have some competition.

Non-profit Mozilla has released their version of a smartphone in Spain. The firefox OS powered phone is the first product to be completely powered by a web browser. The phone contains the basic features every one has which includes calls, email, messaging, camera and more.

Social features involve the typical facebook and twitter sharing as well as HERE maps. One new feature that is brand new is an adaptive app search. From the company’s site, this tool is supposed to be able to support you with anything you need. Just swipe to the right of your phone and it delivers a whole new customizable experience. The best example Mozilla provides is that doing a search for a music artist will give suggestions to buy your favorite song.

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Powered by Firefox, this new device has a curious position in the marketplace. Apparently, the firefox OS phone will focus on approaching low-priced buyers. While this would be an excellent cost-effective approach, the execs at Mozilla are more worried about attracting users. Mediapost notes that the company is developing revenue streams such as an e-payment service for service carriers. Mozilla’s primary revenue service is royalties from Google which illustrates that the company needs to support their financial operations instead of paying back shareholders. Emerging Markets is a big market to capitalize on.

Mozilla may have discovered a great source of revenue but won’t make an impact unless they finalize the essential parts of their phone. We need more challengers to de-throne Android and iOS but we need to see how they can do it. It won’t be an easy road but Mozilla’s expansion is a good business move. Hopefully this keeps developing.

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