Flipboard App Available for Desktops: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Flipboard, the popular mobile app for combining and viewing content from multiple sites in one personalized digital magazine, is now accessible in a desktop-friendly form. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The Desktop Version is FlipBoard’s First Time Online


While the program had previously been an iOS and an Android app, the web version is brand new. Visually, Flipboard is the same since subscribers can seamlessly “flip” through their favorite publications. It’s supported by multiple browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9+. Wired notes that you can also scroll back and forth with the arrow keys or trackpad. Eleven different languages have been added to it, but a more complete Flipboard experience will be rolled out over the next six months.

2. It Will Retain the Personal Magazine Feature

One of the perks of being a Flipboard user is the customization aspect. In March, the app released a personal magazine feature. The tool let readers build and maintain their own magazine containing their preferred content. The feature is capable of making endless combinations. Account holders could develop a publication focused on anything from their favorite football team to horror movies. By browsing with the arrow keys or trackpad, readers can navigate a comprehensive news source hosting information they actually care about.

3. ‘Big Ideas’ Is a New, Philanthropic Addition


Flipboard’s “Big Ideas” section is a new addition focusing on philanthropic issues. In a partnership with numerous charities, the social magazine utilizes this category to discuss issues ranging from fighting poverty to coming up with new innovative ideas. One of the “Big Ideas” editions is a magazine on healthy living by the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. The social site conducted an interview with the legendary talk show host and his wife on this collaboration. This partnership is mutually beneficial for both parties. It benefits Flipboard by adding more substance to their editorial offerings. For the charities like UNICEF, it gives them an outlet to help educate people about worthy causes that need attention.

4. Founder Mike McCue Is Pleased With the Transition


The exec told CNET that he was happy with this version. McCue felt that this was Flipboard’s natural evolution from the “cardboard cut-out” of an iPad when it was in development. The CEO gave a surprising admission that he had envisioned the program as a desktop only platform from the start. Mike thought that the technology to support this design wasn’t available when he came up with the idea along with his business partner Evan Doll. Ultimately, McCue considered the ramifications of this expansion. For the future, the founder mentioned that magazine subscription costs could change.

5. For Flipboard, This Marks a Huge Expansion


Flipboard just monopolized the social magazine market. This new feature has added multiple new users to its subscriber base. People who don’t own tablets or smartphones can now view this content from the comfort of their own home. An estimated 75 million subscribers enjoyed the customization tool that premiered in March. Monetization could be an issue in the future. Questions of advertisements could affect willing customers from purchasing a subscription. The relationship between the web and earning revenue has always been a tricky one. Analysts should take it easy, though, since the company has clearly figured out a way to keep their faithful fans. New media outlets could be one way they can attract more readers. For now, McCue and his team have it under control. You can check out Flipboard’s new site here.