Top 10 Best New iPhone Games of July 2013

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Looking for some new games to play on your iPhone? Here are ten new iPhone games for July 2013.

1. Word Crush

Word Crush is a new word search game developed by 8th Planet Games. Similar to Scramble With Friends, players will need to find as many words as fast as they can. Choose from five different board games including: Piece of Cake, Average Joe, Revenge of the Wordies, Okay, This is Intense, and Holy $%&#!!!. Use power ups to gain 2x points for every word, get hints for the biggest words, or rotate the board. Have fun challenging your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can download Word Crush from the App Store here.

2. Tiny Thief ($2.99)

Tiny Thief is a puzzle game developed by Rovio Stars Ltd. Join Tiny Thief on an epic quest to save a princess and kingdom in peril. Go on six big adventures and outsmart your tricky opponents. Battle pirates, the Dark Knight, and a giant robot! Get ready for some challenging puzzle, and some serious game play. You can download Tiny Thief from the App Store here.

3. Pacific Rim ($4.99)

Pacific Rim is an action fighting game developed by Reliance Entertainment. Inspired by the sci-fi film Pacific Rim, players must pilot a Jaeger robot and defend Earth from invading aliens. Command up to five Jaegers and challenge waves of Kaiju in intense combat. Upgrade Jaegers with new weapons that will help them dominate the battlefield, and research new technology that will help increase your power and speed. See if you have the skills to survive the battles. You can download Pacific Rim from the App Store here.

4. Sprinkle Islands ($1.99)

Sprinkle Islands is a water physics puzzle game developed by Mediocre AB. A spaceship from Earth has crashed on the beautiful island of Titan, and burning trash is scattered everywhere. Using easy to use touch controls players will control a fire truck to put out fires. Fires can be hard to reach, so you need to make your way through obstacles, and get to fires before they spread. Water supply is limited, so conserve water to earn more drops. You can download Sprinkle Islands form the App Store here.

5. Einstein Enigma ($1.99)

Einstein Enigma is a puzzle game developed by BB Entertainment GmbH. Players will need to solve more than 100 tricky puzzles and combinations. Rotate six different colored wheels to match the different color templates in each puzzle. Albert Einstein will be there to assist you, providing various solution tips. The game becomes more challenging, when like colored wheels, cogwheels, and more appear in each level. You can download Einstein Enigma from the App Store here.

6. Blastron

Blastron is a new fast-paced strategy game developed by Kabam. Explore the world of Blastron, and blast the crap out of other robots. Customize your robots, collect arsenal weapons, and upgrade robot parts to take your skills to the next level. Battle your way through Blastron and unlock new weapons and robots. Play random opponents in multiplayer mode and shoot your way to the top of the Blastron leaderboards. You can download Blastron from the App Store here.

7. Sailor GT HD

top best new iphone games 2013 sailor gt hd

Sailor GT HD is a boat racing game developed by Dream Bot Studios LLC. Race against your friends in real time online in the unfriendly seas. Use your yacht and speed over huge waves. Users power boost to blasts over 20 foot waves, collect super powered yachts, and challenge your friends to 35 addicting levels. You can download Sailor GT HD from the App Store here.

8. Baseball Slam

Baseball Slam is an arcade baseball game developed by Zynga Inc. Crush your competition in over 100 challenging levels. Use power-ups to boost your score, unlock new characters, and earn special bonus bats. Compete with your friends online and see who can get the highest score. You can download Baseball Slam from the App Store here.

9. Fodderp: Castle Defense

top best new iphone games fodderp castle defense

Fodderp: Castle Defense is a new castle defense game developed by Mobius Industries. Enter the battlefield and defend your castle. Select multiple buildings to control – cannons, barracks, wizard towers, and more. Team up with friends and earn legendary items that will help destroy your opponents. When you’re not fighting others, embark on mini-quests, and your loyal villagers will help rebuild the town. Multiplayer features bring more action to the front line. Battle other players and win loot so you can improve your units and buildings. You can download Fodderp: Castle Defense from the App Store here.

10. Slots: Titan’s Way

top best new iphone games 2013 slo

Slots Titan’s Way is a new slot machine game developed by TopGame. Every machine is unique and provides a lot of fun. Win big payouts and feel like your experiencing Vegas slots on your iPhone. Players can play with or without an internet connection. Use re-spin mode and you can make your big wins even bigger. You can download Slots – Titan’s Way from the App Store here.