Apple Creates Charger Trade-In Program After Electrocution Death In China

Apple USB Power Adapter

These can be more dangerous than you think.

A few weeks ago, 23-year-old Mai Ailun was fatally electrocuted by a faulty iPhone charger. To prevent this horrible tragedy from happening again, the company has devised an affordable trade-in program for chargers.

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Earlier today, Apple’s Chinese site laid out the details for this new plan. Beginning on August 16 and ending in October, the swap involves bringing an allegedly imperfect third party device to your local Apple store. The USB Power Adapter Takeback Program provides customers with certified reliable chargers at a discounted price. At $10 for these chords, consumers will need to present employees at the store with substantial evidence. The price reduction drops from $19 giving customers an affordable method of upgrading.

USB Takeback Program

The deal works for iPhones, iPad and iPods too.

Apple claimed that the other purpose for this program was that they considered some of these gadgets “unsafe.” While ensuring this was not the case for all of these suppliers, the computer titan said their focus is on customer safety. The occurrence in China has yet to be fully explained but this is quick bit of damage control. The rumored iPhone 5S is projected for a fall release. Whispers of deadly chargers could have made a big dent in sales. Unfortunately, customers shouldn’t get to happy since this special deal is only valid for one charger for one product.

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