Swap Your 4S for a 5? Apple Stores Could Launch iPhone Trade-In Program Next Month


The iPhone 5 could cease to exist this fall based on Apple’s new program (Getty)

As part of Tim Cook‘s new strategy for iPhones this fall, several anonymous sources have divulged that Apple store’s will begin training employees to handle a new iPhone trade-in program that could launch next month.


Earlier rumors indicated that the iPhone 5S could permanently replace the iPhone 5, so this may be an effort to get the phone off the shelves. (Getty)

While the program was first reported on back in June, the company has sent materials to stores prepping them on how this program will work. Formal training is set to begin this week for store leaders to help bolster direct sales for iPhones from Apple stores. Preparation for the program is supposed to be completed in early September, possibly getting ready for the first reveal of the new iPhone.

The program entails customers’ bringing in their older iPhones like the 4S to swap them out for newer models like the iPhone 5. Some items will be repurposed and sold in a lower-cost market.

It’s unknown if this program will apply to the rumored iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, which are rumored to be announced September 10. This trade-in program is also not directly related to the charger swap Apple implemented a few weeks ago after a mysterious death in China. It’s unknown if this swap will apply to the new iPhones this fall, but a low-cost approach like this could help Apple regain its hold on the smartphone market.

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