Twine Dating App: ‘Flirt First, Reveal Later’ Launched for iOS and Android Devices

There’s an overwhelming amount of social networking dating apps that promise to help you find your perfect match, but which one matches your own preference of meeting someone?

On Wednesday, Spoonjuice launched a new social networking dating app, Twine, that separates itself from other dating apps.

Twine encourages its users to ‘flirt first, reveal later.’ Twine matches you with people nearby that share similar interests such as favorite music, movies, TV shows and games.

Twine is easy to use, simply login to your account, click Twine and you will instantly be connected with a compatible match. You can see what you have in common, and you can get the conversation started by using ice breakers based on mutual interests.

If you feel you have a connection with the other person you’re chatting with, you can reveal your photo. If it turns out you don’t have a connection just tap on “find new twine” and you will get hooked up with a new match. You will only get 3 twines per day, unless you become an active Twine user, you can get up to 4 twines per day.

Twine is available for both iOS and Android.