Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 3: Five Fast Facts You Need To Know

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 at Samsung Unpacked Episode 2. Here are ten fast facts you need to know.

1. The Galaxy Note 3 Specs Are Thinner Than The Last Version


The new Samsung Note supports a 5.7 inch high-definition screen. The Note II was two and a half inches smaller but the Note 3 wins since it is thinner and lighter according to CNET. A 2.3 GHZ quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM as well as a 3,200mAh battery round out the whole package.

2. The New S-Pen Is An Integral Part of This Phablet


The S-Pen is the “key” to unlocking all of the features on the Note 3 according to Samsung. New interface controls have morphed this phablet into a very friendly tool for different activities. Dragging the stylus across the screen with a pin-pointed dot lets you control a series of tools to write a memo, enter scrapbooks etc. Three different shapes are the most important parts of the phablet. Sketching a circle and box serve as shortcuts with the Air command wheel.

3. The Air Command Is A New Menu That Links Shortcuts Together


The circular menu is called Air Command. Tapping the screen with the pen brings up Air command that offers five quick commands. Action memos lets users copy down notes that can be activated as action items later. Scrapbook stores content stashed online with the Evernote Web browser while Screen Write enables screen shots to be taken that can be edited. Finder also serves as your essential search bar when scouring the phone for specific content.

4. The Battery Life Supports All Of The Multi-Tasking Features


The battery life has been upgraded to work with all of the brand new multi-tasking features the Galaxy Note 3 will have. Users can manage multiple apps with two window panes open side by side.

5. The Galaxy Note 3 Will Be Available Globally At The End of The Year


The Note 3 will begin its roll-out by the end of the month with each mobile carrier gaining a slightly altered version. At&T and Verizon are two of the partners that will carry the phone. The only piece of information to be aware of is that the internal processor will differ. Samsung will use Exynos chips in certain markets while a Qualcomm 4G component could be embedded within others. The operating system is Android 4.3 for all products and will be compatible on the brand new smartwatch.