WATCH: Microsoft Wants You To Meet The Surface 2 In Dramatic New Video

Meet the new SurfaceThinner. Lighter. Faster. Say hello to Surface 2. From Microsoft.2013-09-23T21:25:58.000Z

Microsoft is very excited about the Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2. The company is so excited that they released the video above titled “Meet The Surface.” Its typical for a tech company to launch some type of creative video for a new product but this has to be one of the most innovative ads I’ve seen for a tablet or phone.

We begin in a black and white room where a mysterious mound of black dirt lays dormant on a white pedestal. Slowly, the classical violin scores swells in the background as we bear witness to the evolution of the Surface 2. Emerging from the primordial pile of dust comes the new tablet showcasing its sharp exterior and refined kickstand. Colors begin to creep into frame as we see the other varied offerings Microsoft tablets will come in.

The film continues by detailing other features like the backlit keyboard. Clearly, Microsoft corporate VP really wants these two tablets to succeed. Between the high production and vivid imagery, this could sway some iPad fans to switch over to this particular brand.

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