Bitstrips, Comic App: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



You may have noticed silly comic strips with characters that vaguely resemble your friends clogging your Facebook news feed this week, well here’s why. Bitstrips is the popular new Facebook and mobile app that allows you to create an avatar of yourself and put it into silly comic strip situations.

Here is what you need to know about the app people are calling the “future” of social media.

1. It Just Updated its Mobile App


The reason why you might be seeing bitstrips more frequently is due to its recent app updates on October 21. You can see the details of that update above.

Version 1.1.7 updates the app for Iphone, Ipod, iOS, as well as Google Play for Android. The update of the app catapulted it to the #1 most popular app slot this week.

2. It Went from 0 to 10 Million Users in 7 Months

Yours truly via Bitstrips.

Yours truly via Bitstrips.

After the update earlier this week, the app finally surpassed 10 million people marking a monumental rise to popularity considering that as of July, it averaged just 3 million monthly users.

Those users include both the Facebook app, and the new and improved phone apps.

3. The App Started Without Start-up Money


NPR wrote a story about the fledgling company back in May noting that the idea began with friends pouring their own money into creating a website where you could turn yourself into a cartoon strip character.

4. You Can Share and ‘Play’ With Your Friends


The reason the company is hailing Bitstrips as a new evolutionary stage in social media is its ability to include your friend. A number of the hundreds of comic scenarios in which you can include your cartoon double call for you to add a friend. If you have friends who have also made a Bitstrip, you can put them into your comic scenario. Now go get into wacky misadventures with your friends.

5. Here’s How to Use Bitstrip

Download the app on your smart phone or go to it on Facebook. First you’ll be free to go through and personalize your avatar by playing with face size, facial features, glasses, facial hair, and choosing from dozens of outfits. Once you’re all set, find your friends and start putting yourself into comics.