Microsoft Testing Huge Banner Ads in Bing Smart Search


This is what Microsoft’s hero ad for Land Rover will look like in Bing. (The Verge)

Microsoft will be testing a new form of advertisement found on Bing Smart Search. Users operating Windows 8.1 should see these colossal posters appear in search results for certain brands according to The Verge. Beginning today, these ‘Hero Ads’ will appear in place of traditional search results when you look for one of the promotional partners.

Brands that have teamed up with the software giant include Land Rover and Home Depot. Fortunately, only a select few will be affected by this. The test will run for a limited group of consumers. Microsoft’s plan seems to imitate Google. That tech titan began to unveil this marketing plan last week which seemed to be a way for them to attract more revenue. These tactics will probably extend to more people in the next few weeks based on their success.