Best Black Friday TV Deals: 10 Best TVs for Your Money

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Looking to score an awesome new screen this Black Friday? Be sure to avoid the craziness of Black Friday, but rest assured, there are some amazing deals out there. Be sure to check the hours of the stores to make sure you don’t get caught watching the last bargain HDTV being taken out of the store.

1. Wal-Mart’s — 32 Inch, 720P Knockout Bargain, $97.99

720P and on the small side — of spending! $100 for a 30 inch flat-screen? This is the future.

1 Wal Funai 32 720P 98d

2. Target’s — Samsung, 40 inch, 1080P, $397

$397 isn’t the cheapest 1080P television you can buy, but from Samsung, it’s absolutely worth it. The picture quality, consistency, and how long this television will last are well worth cheaping out for an off-brand. This is a great deal.

2 Target Samsun 40 1080P 397d

3. Target — Element, 50 inch, 1080P, $229

It’s 1080p and 50inches, but square foot of screen space, there’s probably carpet that’s more expensive. Absurd!

3target element 50in 1080p 229d

4. Wal-Mart — 60 Inch, 1080P, 120hz (Good for Games), $688

120hz means this thing is fast as heck and at a very reasonable price. Just be careful in Wal-Mart!

4wal 60 in 1080p 120hz 688d

5. Target — 47 Inch, 1080P, $379

May not stand out as that incredibly amazing, but it’s still a knockout deal, especially considering that Vizio makes a decent television.

5target 47in 1080 P 379d

6. Best Buy — Sharp’s 50 Inch, 1080P, 120hz, $399

Sharp at this resolution, and size at $400 is slamming. YOu might as well not pay, either way, you’re stealing.

6sharp 50in 1080p 120hz 399d

7. K-Mart — 42 Inch, 1080P, $299

Another sweet off-brand. K-mart is probably going to be among the safer stores to do your Black Friday at.

7kmart 42in 299d

8. Sam’s Club — 55 Inch, 1080P, LED (Bright), $548

A good mid-point standout, not the best deal here, but still solid either way.

8sam club 55in 1080p LED 548

9. Best Buy — 39 Inch, 1080P, $169

I happen to have bought this TV for twice as much money two weeks ago. Yes, I’m mad. No, it’s not because someone else will get to get it for so ridiculously cheap; it’s because I wanted that money to buy one for my mom, alright?

9best buy 39in 1080p 169

10. Kohls — 32 Inch, 720P, $139

If you happen to be at Kohl’s, this is a nice little pick-up, why not?

10kohls  32in 139.99

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