Bitcoin Hits 400, Keeps Going, Litecoin Keeps Pace


Bitcoin hit 400 this morning at the notoriously over-priced exchange,

Here’s the thing: it just kept on going.

bitcoin mt gox

That’s right, an all-time high for the cryptocurrency at $421 American dollars. Meantime, over at the more reasonably priced, but less popular exchange, BTC-E, Bitcoin can be had for $385, about par for the course in terms of price differential; MtGox is notoriously hard to get USD out of, hence its elevated price.

Meantime, Litecoin, Bitcoin’s 1% price little brother (that can be mined 8x as fast) kept track, hovering around 4.0.

Who knows what’s next in the cryptocurrency land? Probably a continued trend to the sky as yesterday the Winklevosses announced that they reckon BTC is worth 400 billion, meaning that Bitcoin’s price ought to hit some serious highs to rise from its current market value of around 4 billion dollars.

Of course, others were not nearly as bullish, proclaiming that BTC was merely the whole Tulip Mania thing again. Though many detractors of such naysaying will point out that tulips are flowers and Bitcoin is a massive functional improvement over any currency that has ever existed.

Only time and blocks will tell.’s Popular Social Posts
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