The Knock App For iOS Unlocks Macbooks From Your iPhone

Passwords between Apple products can be frustrating especially when it comes to dealing with the updated iCloud & keychain features. This element of Apple’s security feature is intended as an all encompassing solution for linking devices. Some customers could struggle with this function so a brand new iOS app may have the solution.

The Knock app utilizes bluetooth LTE to connect gadgets in order to bypass passwords. Simply knock like you see in the video above to bypass these codes. The bluetooth requirement means you need an iPhone 4s to properly harness this program. The Verge points out what problematic error. When pairing the Apple products together, shutting down the iPhone app improperly can make reestablishing the link difficult. Passwords are protected in this process so don’t worry about your information being stolen. The app for computers is free while the iPhone version is $3.99. Interested in trying it out? Download it from its website here.

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