Amazon Kindle First Service Sells Ebooks One Month Early


Amazon has unveiled a new service for its customers revolving around the Kindle. (Amazon Kindle Store)

Online retail giant Amazon has just unveiled a brand new service for its dedicated group of customers. Called Amazon Kindle First, this new element of the company’s offerings provide Amazon Prime subscribers access to the latest ebooks one month early. Other Kindle owners will have to pay a small fee of $1.99.

Four books will be available one month before their release through the program but you can only choose from one. Today, Amazon is testing the service but the titles aren’t exactly best-sellers. The genres are certainly diverse but most of the novels appear to come from Amazon’s publishing imprints. Despite this, the Kindle is a very popular tablet and this new feature will attract even more voracious readers. In case you’re interested in checking this out, follow this link to see the website.

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