Google Play Newsstand App: Flipboard Alternative

Google has put together their Currents and Magazines Apps into a new app called Newsstand. This new platform, akin to iOS’ Newsstand, takes user subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, blog content, RSS feeds, and other sources into one convenient place.

Newsstand App pictures, via the Verge.

Newsstand App pictures, via the Verge.

The bigger picture of the app is it represents an evolution from the early days of content on mobile where publishers would create their own apps, but problematically, small apps would be invisible in such an environment.

The new design, which is very Flipboard-like is described as “tailored for [user’s] personal interests,” said Scott Dougall, product manager of the new app.

Google says that the app will automatically target user’s interest. The app does this by tagging every article with a single word automatically.

Overall, the app is very similar to Apple’s offering, but hopefully with Google’s optimization techniques, it will be more user-friendly.

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