Safeplug: A $50 Device That Will Keep Anyone on the Internet From Knowing Where You Are


If you’re concerned about internet privacy to the highest degree, but you don’t fancy yourself a technician, or maybe you share a computer, this is the device for you.

For a mere $50, the Shareplug will redirect your internet connection into the TOR network, a decentralized series of computers that will essentially bounce your connection throughout the world, meaning that anything you do online, cannot be tracked back to you using your IP address — because your IP address will belong to a random person elsewhere.

Now, you can achieve this for free. You can download the TOR browser, for instance, but if you’re the type of person who likes to keep things simple, then this device will do you a big favor.

While TOR and the deep web have come under fire recently for hosting illegal activity, there is a reason criminal use these services: for them, anonymity is about not getting caught.

For many, however, anonymity is about a right to privacy, and that is what the Safeplug guarantees.

See more info and a useful FAQ here.

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