The Top 5 Best iPhone 5s Cases

The iPhone 5s is a virtually flawless phone. Unfortunately, its owners seldom are, and they will drop the beautiful thing. No one likes a shattered screen, and some people even like their phone to have an attractive, unique case. So, for those reasons, here’s the Top 5 Best iPhone 5s Cases.

1. Magpul Field Case – $11.49

Satisfying texturally, tough, and affordable, it’s hard to ask for more from a case, especially one that fits so snugly with the phone. This is the best choice for those looking to keep it simple and smart.


2. LUVVIT Clearview Case – $19.95

Best described as a minimal case with maximal protection, this sleek, looker’s only downside compared to our number 1 is that it’s silky smooth, lacking that satisfying grip of the Magpul.


3. Diztronic High Gloss Clear – $6.00

A slightly cheap version of the Luvvit, a banging buy for the money, but it lacks the finish, clarity, and overall class of the LUVVIT.


4. Caseology TPU Case – $7.99

Attractive, bright, and decently protective, this is a very fun case. While it’s not quite as protective as the Luvvit or Magpul, you should be fine unless you’re a habitual phone dropper.


5. Spigen Tough Armor Case – $25.49 $25.49

Thin, sleek, and tough as nails, this Otterbox killer is a must for those who fit into the “habitual phone-dropper” category.