Top 10 Best Windows Phone Apps

best windows phone apps 2013

Here’s our list of the top 10 best Windows Phone apps that you need to download.

1. Facebook

facebook beta windows phone app

Back in July, Facebook for Windows Phone received a new user interface, and now comes with faster performance, so users can see what their friends are up to while on the go. Users can chat, comment on posts, and share photos and videos. You can download Facebook Windows Phone app here.

2. Netflix

netflix windows phone app

Take advantage of your Windows Phone by streaming your favorite movies and TV shows. Users can browse thousands of titles and rate shows. If you began watching a movie or TV show on your desktop browser or set-top box, you can resume the same content where you left off on your phone. You can download Netflix Windows Phone app here.

3. Kik Messenger

kik messenger windows phone app

Kik Messenger is the fastest way to send messages and pictures to your friends and family. Users can share sketches, pictures, and YouTube videos without having to exit the conversation. You can download Kik Messenger Windows Phone app here.

4. Subway Surfers

subway surfers windows phone app

Subway Surfers is an endless running game developed by Kiloo. Players need to help Jake escape from the grumpy inspector and his dog. Run from the inspector as fast as you can, dodge trains, and pick up coins and power-ups along the way. Make sure you concentrate so you avoid bumping into obstacles. Subway Surfers is an entertaining game with excellent graphics. You can download Subway Surfers Windows Phone app here.

5. AccuWeather

accuweather windows phone app

The AccuWeather app for Windows Phone helps users plan their day. Users can get the latest weather news including weather alerts, extended forecasts, and the latest up-to-date information on humidity, wind speed, and times for the sunrise and sunset. You can download AccuWeather Windows Phone app here.

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