Yahoo Tech & Yahoo Food: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Yahoo Tech

Today, Yahoo launched two new media platforms, Yahoo Food and Yahoo Tech, during Marissa Meyer’s keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Yahoo Tech Aims to Serve ‘85%’ of Slightly Saavy Tech Users

Yahoo Tech

Yahoo Tech Editor in Chief, David Pogue, claimed that there is a silent majority of potential tech news consumers, who find the tech coverage in in-flight magazines too remedial, but that of Gizmodo, CNET, the Verge, (and every other conceivable competitor to Yahoo Tech), so complex as to be incomprehensible. Yahoo Tech aims to own that silent majority.

2. Yahoo Tech Will Feature No Advertisements

Yahoo Tech, Yahoo Food

Pogue announced Yahoo Tech would be 100% free of eye-assaulting banners, opting instead to monetize through native advertising:

3. They Will Offer Daily Columns

Yahoo Tech, Yahoo Food

Yahoo Tech has poached a host of top tech columnists, and will publish new columns daily, Monday through Friday.

4. Yahoo Currently Reaches 800 Million Unique Users

Yahoo Tech

Yahoo Ceo Marissa Mayer (getty)

Or so Pogue declared in his presentation.

5. Yahoo Tech Will Review Kickstarter Projects

Yahoo Tech

This way, you’ll know whether to invest in your sister-in-law’s one woman show.

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