Talking Angela Facebook Hoax: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A Facebook hoax about “Talking Angela” had a lot of people freaked out. What is “Talking Angela” and why should you care?

Talking Angela is an app that some people believe was being used to target children in a potentially dangerous way. These rumors about the app have been circulating for a while now on Facebook, but they are nothing but an urban legend.

Here are some more facts about this Talking Angela Facebook hoax…

1. Claims About Talking Angela’s ‘Stranger Danger’ Were a Hoax

Talking Angela – Official TrailerGet the app on iOS: Get the app on Android: Set on a cozy street of Paris, Talking Angela brings Angela's social nature and love for chatting it up about shopping and fashion with her friends' center stage. A true chatterbox, Talking Angela is up for any conversation and any question. Get Angela's…2012-10-27T11:20:36Z

Talking Angela is an iOS, Facebook, and Google Play app for kids. You can view the official trailer for Talking Angela in the embedded video above.

Basically, kids can have a conversation with an animated talking cat by typing or dictating to the app. Angela the cat engages kids in trivia questions as well. Kids can buy the cat “gifts” or wardrobe items.

Last weekend, a Facebook rumor began to circulate about Talking Angela. The perpetrators of the hoax claimed that claimed the Talking Angela app was being used to target children and access their personal information, perhaps with nefarious intent., a trusted site that verifies or disproves urban legends and hoaxes, has this to say about Talking Angela:

“Warnings that the Talking Angela app are prompting children to behave in ways that raise privacy concerns are unfounded — “Talking Angela” is just another entry in a series of similar harmless apps for kids…”

Oddly enough, all of this controversy around the app has actually made it more popular, not less. GottaBe Mobile writes that the Talking Angela scare has increased awareness about the kid’s app:

“All of this attention is pushing the the app to the top of the free iPhone app charts. The downloads spiked overnight as the Talking Angela hoax spread on Twitter.”

Are your kids safe? Click through to the next page to find out…

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