Top 5 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Earlier this year, Samsung revealed the Samsung Galaxy NotePro, an Android tablet featuring a 12.2-inch display, versatile screen, and includes the Samsung S Pen. The Samsung Galaxy NotePro lets you toggle between apps, and you can view multiple windows, making this Android tablet a perfect match for productivity. We’ve rounded up the top 5 best apps for the Samsung Galaxy NotePro that will enhance your experience.

1. Dropbox

dropbox android app

Dropbox is one of the more well-known cloud storage services for consumers and professionals. You can flip through photo albums, edit and share important documents, and email attachments straight from Dropbox. Even if you lose your device, your personal data will be safe in Dropbox. Dropbox gives users 2GB of free cloud storage. You can download Dropbox from the Google Play Store here.




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