How to See if You’ve Been Blocked on Facebook

1. Search While Logged In

search copy

One of the easiest ways to see if you’ve been blocked by friends is to search for your friend’s name in Facebook’s top search bar while logged into your account. If the user doesn’t show up, odds are you’ve been blocked by them. However, this isn’t 100 percent. Oftentimes users set their profiles so taht they can’t be searched by users or search engines.

2. Search Again


Log out of your Facebook account and search for them in Facebook. If the person you’re looking for shows up in the search when you’re logged out but not while you’re logged in, you’ve probably been blocked by them. However, this also is not 100 percent because the user may have set their privacy levels that they can’t be searched offline.

3. Check Your Chat


If the search doesn’t help, you can always try talking to them over your Facebook chat. When someone blocks you, your messages won’t be sent to them and there would be no way for them to reply.

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