Top 5 Best Free Video Chat Apps For iPhone

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FaceTime is fine, but sometimes you want a video chat app that can do a bit more. If you’re an iPhone user, the following apps are great for video chatting. And did we mention they’re free?

1. Tango Text, Voice & Video

Check out TapCritic’s review of Tango in the video above.

Tango is a multi-featured messaging app. You can send texts, make voice calls, or make video calls. You can also play games, or send music messages powered by Spotify. It has won multiple awards, and boasts a very friendly user interface.

Tango lets you make one-on-one voice calls, or do a group chat with up to 300 friends at once. The app is free, but some users opt to pay for premium coverage so they can chat with the most popular users on the service.

Check out Tango on the App Store.

2. OkHello

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If you generally find yourself doing video chats with multiple people at once, OkHello is a good app for juggling those multi-person chats. Photo sharing and text messages are also supported in this app.

OkHello lets you view people, or rooms where people have shared interests. You can easily jump from group video to texting mode, then jump back again. This ease of navigation makes this a fun app to use.

Check out OkHello on the App Store.

3. Paltalk Video Chat Free

In the video above, CNBC’s John Fortt highlights Paltalk.

There are something like 5,000 chat rooms on Paltalk, and you can also talk to three friends at once. This video chat app supports users who like to sing, engage in debates, or play group trivia. This app is notable because of its sense of community.

Note: There is also a paid version of the app, which costs 99 cents. The paid version is ad-free.

Check out Paltalk on the App Store.

4. ooVoo Video Call, Text and Voice

In the video above, GigaOM compares ooVoo and Qik.

ooVoo lets you do a video chat with 12 people, and has a user base of 90 million people. A winner of multiple awards, this cross-platform app stands out from the rest of the pack because of its superior sound quality.

ooVoo uses a proprietary system called SuperClear™ video. This adjusts for packet-loss on low-bandwidth video calls, ensuring that you get great video call quality without chewing through all your data.

Check out ooVoo on the App Store.

5. Skype

In the TapCritic video above, Skype is compared to Tango.

The Cadillac of voice and video chat apps is Skype. Over 250 million people around the globe use Skype. Video messaging is free and unlimited.

Skype remains at the top of the video chat app pile because it works on a wide array of iOS and non-iOS devices. It is used by millions of people, which makes it a convenient choice for both socializing and business calls.

Check out Skype on the App Store.

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