Top 5 Best Canon Fisheye Lenses

Fisheye photography gives people a special view of the world. Let’s not be too literal here, if you want the view of the fish, you’ll need an aquarium. Fisheye photos are all about extremely wide angles. They let you see the world in a way that is huge and epic. It’s something of a cliche in skateboarding videos to use fisheye, but what better way to make tricks look bigger than life?

In addition, fisheye lenses make stills POP with an other-worldly warped and distorted view. With video, the effect is even more pronounced. Fisheye lenses can make motion seem faster and everything seem a lot more huge. Good fisheye glass (slang for lenses) is pricey. That said, the effect comes across even on cheaper glass. A big question here is how sharp do you need your images to be. If your answer is “pin sharp,” you’re going to have spend some money. Otherwise, you can definitely spend less and get a very decent lens.

Here are our top five favorite fisheye lenses in order of highest to lowest price.

1. Canon 8–15mm f4L EF

canon fisheye lens, specialized lens, best dslr lens, wide angle lens


If you’re looking to taking sharp-as-a-tack stills and video that looks truly pro, this is the only real option in the game. On top of the fact that it’s actually really nice glass (L series), this fisheye lens offers a somewhat unconventional ability to zoom back and forth up to 15mm. Make no mistake, 15mm isn’t exactly human vision, but it does offer one a less distorted and intense wide-angle view. 15mm is, for instance, a common focal length for real estate photos, where one wants to make houses seem large, but not like the pictures were taken with a GoPro.

Price: $1249

Buy the Canon 8–15mm f4L EF here.


  • Super sharp, crisp imaging
  • Autofocus is very fast, even in low light situations
  • Weather-sealed
  • Solid, smooth zoom and focus rings
  • Can produce both circular and diagonal fisheye images


  • Heavier than competitors
  • Lens cover does not lock into place, meaning it can be easy to scratch
  • Small chromatic aberration (colored halos around subjects if background light is different from subject light)

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2. Sigma 8mm f/3.5 EX DG

sigma fisheye lens, specialized lens, best dslr lens, wide angle lens


If one has no need for zoomability, this Sigma lens offers the bone-sharp look of the Canon without the ability to adjust your focal length. It takes super nice pictures with great clarity and is just as sturdy and durable as the L-series glass above. One other minor shortcoming compared to the Canon is that this lens lacks a manual focus override, but since its auto-focus is competent, one should be able to make do. Also, fisheye lens tend to be pretty lenient when it comes to focusing. It’s hard to grasp a soft-focus when one is looking at such a wide view. All things considered, it’s not the best in the game, but it offers a lot more value with some slight drawbacks compared to the Canon.

Price: $899

Buy the Sigma 8mm f/3.5 EX DG here.

sigma fisheye lens, specialized lens, best dslr lens, wide angle lens



  • Close-focusing capability (up to 5.1 inches)
  • Spring-loaded filter holder for drop-in gels
  • Sharp images with minimal lens flare
  • Sturdy, durable design


  • No silent autofocus mode
  • No full-time manual focus override
  • No image stabilization
  • Autofocus can be slow, especially in low light situations

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3. Canon 15mm f/2.8 EF

canon classic fisheye lens, specialized lens, best dslr lens, wide angle lens


Introduced in 1987, there’s a reason this Canon fisheye has stood the test of time. One of Canon’s higher-end fisheye lenses, it’s for use only with full-frame cameras. That said, for those who have the right gear, this lens offers one a borderline fisheye view with superb aperture (2.8f!!!), sharpness, and an overall great look.

Price: $449.93

Buy the Canon 15mm f/2.8 EF here.


  • Incredibly crisp optics, never any flare in the corners of the image
  • Largest front element of any 15mm or 16mm fisheye lens on the market
  • Stops down to f/22
  • Fast autofocus and has infinity focus (great for shooting night skies)
  • Short minimum focusing distance of eight inches
  • Lightweight, easy to travel with


  • Using it with a 1.3x or 1.6x Canon format camera will result in a partial fisheye effect
  • No lens hood
  • No image stabilization

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4. Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 FE8M–C

rokinon fisheye lens, specialized lens, best dslr lens, wide angle lens


This Rokinon packs a punch for the price. Users love the lack of lens flare, the high-quality focus ring, and its compatibility with cameras big and small. The sharpness and chromatic aberration are present, but for most users, tehy just won’t matter. If you need that fisheye look and having extremely tight images isn’t a necessity, this is an awesome budget option.

Price: $199 (33 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 FE8M–C here.


  • Compatible with both full-frame and crop sensor bodies
  • Very minimal lens flare
  • Focus ring is smooth and has rubber grip for ease of use
  • Sturdy, durable design
  • 180 degree angle of view


  • Hood shows up in image when using with full-frame (can cut off hood)
  • Manual focus only
  • Chromatic aberrations is present
  • Lens does not zoom

Find more Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 FE8M–C information and reviews here.

5. Opteka 6.5mm

Opteka fisheye lens, specialized lens, best dslr lens, wide angle lens


Make no mistake, the Opteka might be the most affordable option on this list, but it offers great value. Boasting sturdy construction, a great control ring, and extremely wide views, this lens offers a unique perk and value to those who don’t need the utmost in image sharpness and quality. It is not a simple lens to use (no light-metering), but for those ready to play in the manual waters, it offers incomparable value.

Price: $159.95

Buy the Opteka 6.5mm here.

Opteka fisheye lens, specialized lens, best dslr lens, wide angle lens



  • On the less expensive end of the fisheye spectrum
  • Sturdy, durable metal construction
  • Control rings move smoothly
  • Spherical lens
  • Removable hood to protect lens
  • Extremely wide even for a fisheye


  • Manual focus only
  • Lens cap doesn’t always stay on
  • Slight chromatic abberation
  • No CPU means light-metering and other camera functions won’t work

Find more Opteka 6.5mm information and reviews here.

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