PlayStation TV: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Update: The PlayStation TV will be officially launching on October 14, 2014 for $99.99. 700 games will be available upon launch, which includes PS3, PS Vita and PSP games sold digitally.

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PlayStation TV is coming to the US this fall. What is PlayStation TV and should you consider buying one? Here’s what we know so far.

1.PlayStation TV Offers Plug and Play Gaming, Streaming Video & Music

PS TV Announcement – E3 2014 Sony Press ConferenceSay whaaaat? Sony PlayStation TV announcement from the Sony Press Conference. Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews – Gameplay & Guides – Trailers – Mobile Gaming – Like – Follow – Stream Live – gamespot.com2014-06-10T04:40:00Z

Check out Sony’s announcement of the PlayStation TV in the video above.

PlayStation TV is primarily a plug and play gaming hub. However, in addition games available through PlayStation Now, PlayStation TV can act as a second console to play your PS4 games in another room of the house via Remote Play.

In addition, owners of the PlayStation TV will be able to download, rent, or stream content from the PlayStation Store, Music Unlimited and other entertainment apps. Streaming video and music will both be supported.

2. Some Reviews of PlayStation TV Have Been Critical

Going hands-on with the PlayStation TV, Eurogamer was somewhat critical of lag times when using Remote Play. They wrote:

“We ran the PS4 at 720p resolution in order to match the amount of processing the display would need to do on the PlayStation TV signal, then filmed the screen with a high-speed camera at 120fps.

We then looked at the footage and counted how many frames it took for the exact same frame to render first on PS4 before it appeared on PlayStation TV. The result? With a direct WiFi connection, a disappointing 100ms to 116ms latency, with an occasional spike to 150ms. Remember, that’s in addition to the game’s inherent input lag and the latency in your display.”

However, Eurogamer did find a way to improve the lag issues:

“Using the same router we attached PlayStation TV via ethernet, giving a full, wired connection between both devices. We won’t lie to you, latency is still clearly in evidence, but this is obviously the preferred way to utilise Remote Play. Killzone Shadow Fall and Watch Dogs gained a new level of response we hadn’t experienced previously, and we could progress through both games without feeling that the lag was massively intrusive.”

3. PlayStation TV Lacks Robust Specs of PS4

Since the PlayStation TV costs a fraction of what the PS4 does, it is not surprising that the PlayStation TV has relatively lower-end specs. Here’s the spec rundown from the official PlayStation TV site: a ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4core) CPU, a IMG SGX543MP4+ GPU, a gig of internal memory, a memory card slot, PlayStation®Vita card slot, and ports for LAN, USB, and HDMI.

4. PlayStation TV Will Run PlayStation Now, Also Expected Later This Year

CNET News – PlayStation TV is the smallest console at Sony's PlayStation TV console lets you stream PS4 games, play Vita games, and access PlayStation Now.2014-06-10T22:32:20Z

CNET offers more info about the PSTV in the video above.

A big part of the PlayStation TV’s functionality is tied up in PlayStation Now, which will provide select PS3 titles for use on the device. PlayStation Now is expected to launch later in 2014, provided there are no stumbling blocks in the way of the launch.

PlayStation notes:

“PlayStation Now availability on select devices anticipated in 2014. Additional purchases and registration required. Service not available in all areas. A steady broadband connection of at least 5 Mbps highly recommended.”

In other words, if you’re buying a PlayStation TV, you’ll get the most out of it after PlayStation Now launches…and if you live in an area with great broadband service.

5. PlayStation TV Is Expected to Be Released in November, Priced Under $100

The PlayStation TV website simply notes a date of “Fall 2014” as the release window. However, Amazon lists a more specific date of November 30 as the release date for the PlayStation TV. That November 30 release date is subject to change, but a release window just before the holiday shopping season makes a great deal of sense.

Amazon currently has two pre-order options for the PlayStation TV. There’s the standalone PlayStation TV, retailing for $99.99. Additionally, there’s a $139.99 PlayStation TV DualShock 3 Bundle. That bundle comes with “a DUALSHOCK 3 controller, an 8GB memory card and a digital voucher of the blockbuster hit The LEGO Movie Videogame,” according to Amazon. Note that while the image above shows a white version of the device, only black devices are available for pre-order at this time.

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