Top 5 New Free Android Games


Download these 5 best new free Android games and start playing right now!

1. Dragons: Rise of Berk

How to Train Your Dragon 2 hit theaters earlier this month, so it’s no surprise to see a mobile game, Dragons: Rise of Berk, following the release. Based on the movie, Dragons: Rise of Berk allows players get to explore unique islands, discover their favorite dragons from the movie, and complete missions in a fun Viking world. Players’ missions will be to train their dragons so they can protect their village.

Download it here.

  • High quality graphics and audio effe
  • Collect over 18 dragons
  • Players will get to see dragons from the movie like Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang and Skullcrusher

  • Cons:
  • To collect certain dragons, players may need to make in-app purcha
  • Can take forever to load
  • Some players have complained about the app crashi

  • 2. Dungeon Gems

    Dungeon Gems is a game filled with dragons and puzzle gameplay. In Dungeon Gems, players must match like-colored runes to battle against enemies. The game features 220 heroes, each with their own unique role. Players can upgrade their heroes so they can launch elemental attacks and defeat foes.

    Download it here.

  • High quality graphics and exciting gameplay
  • Gain bonuses by completing dungeons with friends
  • Fans of RPG games will love Dungeon Gems

  • Cons:
  • Load times can be slow
  • Won’t work as well without internet connect
  • According to some reviews on the Play Store, players have been experiencing a few bug issues on their Android device

  • 3. Dragon Finga

    Take on hordes of enemies in this ultimate Kung-Fu fighting game. Players will use simple swiping gestures to move their warrior, and tap the screen to take on enemies. Players can customise their warrior with Samurai, Pirate, Dragon and Panda costumes from the shop. Unlock new powers, achievements, and fight your way to the top of the leaderboards.

    Download it here.

  • Awesome kung-fu sound effects
  • Touch controls are simple
  • Addictive gameplay

  • Cons:
  • Slow loading time on Android tablets
  • Players have to compete against the clock to complete miss
  • Game freezes

  • 4. Boom Beach

    Players will explore a tropical archipelago, fight to free enslaved islanders, and face Boss Enemies. While Boom Beach is free to play, the game has some items that can be purchased.

    Download it here.

  • High quality graphics
  • Epic combat battles and overall great strategy gam

  • Cons:
  • Game takes a while to install and downloading content is slow
  • Can take sometime to build items and upgrade troops

  • 5. Band Stars

    If you’ve ever wanted to be in a band, now’s your chance in Halfbrick’s latest effort, Band Stars. Will Schuester from GLEE will be players’ guide, helping them to form a band. To start playing, players must hire members to join their band and start recording in the studio. Create hits from different genres and earn coins to upgrade your bands gear. Whether you love rock, metal, pop or punk, this game is fun and entertaining.

    Download it here.

  • Players will have fun trying to get their band to the top of the cha
  • Halfbrick fans are saying, “Band Star is one of the best games since Jetpack Joyride”
  • Fun and entertaining

  • Cons:
  • Game takes a while to load
  • Game has a lot of bug issues
  • Band members require energy after writing songs. This can take sometime and players can pay for energy drinks

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    Amazing listing here! All these Android games are really helping improve the reputation of this platform. Titles like Dragons: Rise of Berk and Boom Beach offer excellent, near console quality graphics and it’s great to know that apps of the kind are also available on Google Play now!

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