iOS 8.1 Released: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

iOS 8.1


iOS 8.1 is live and ready for you to update on your iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device. You can get more info on how to download iOS 8.1 in our guide, or read on to learn all the details about this hotly anticipated iOS update.

1. You Can Now Use Apple Pay

Is Apple Pay the future of payments? (hands-on)The Verge takes a look at Apple's newest service, Apple Pay, which uses NFC, Touch ID, and a “secure element” to make payments in the real world and online. Read more: Subscribe: Watch our iPhone 6 review: Or check out the iPhone 6 Plus review: Check out our full video catalog:…2014-09-09T20:24:48Z

Check out the video above to see how Apple Pay works at a register.

iOS 8.1 is the long-awaited update that makes Apple Pay possible. You can use Apple Pay to pay for things you buy within apps, or things you buy at a brick and mortar store, assuming that store has registers that support NFC technology. You can learn how to set up Apple Pay in our guide, or just get some background info on Apple Pay’s launch.

2. iOS 8.1 Is Great for OS X Yosemite Users

apple yosemite

Other big changes in iOS 8.1 include support for Continuity features that will enhance productivity between Macs running OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 devices. OS X Yosemite was released last week as a free update from the Mac App store.

If you use a Mac that runs OS X Yosemite, iOS 8.1 is going to enhance the way you use your iPhone, iPad, and Mac together. For example, you can start a project on your mobile device, and then pick it up seamlessly on your Mac. Other new features in iOS 8.1 include Instant Hotspot control, iCloud Photo Library, and enhanced SMS support across all your Apple devices.

3. Some Tech Insiders Warn Against Downloading iOS 8.1 on Release Day

While many iOS users plan to update to iOS 8.1 on release day, others plan to wait. Earlier versions of the iOS 8 family were plagued by serious bugs, so many Apple fans are going to wait for reports back from users on iOS 8.1 before upgrading themselves. Additionally, downloading new iOS updates the day they come out can often take a long time, since so many people are downloading the update at once.

Before you upgrade to iOS 8.1, you might want to read Gotta Be Mobile’s eight reasons not to upgrade to iOS 8.1 on release day. Some of the reasons they include for not updating to iOS 8.1 on release day include avoiding potential issues with apps or files that you might need for business, or while traveling and away from your main computer. They also suggest that users with jailbroken devices should avoid iOS 8.1, or they will lose their jailbreak.

4. iCloud Photo Library Is Here

iphone 6 repair


The iOS 8.1 update offers iCloud Photo Library to iOS users. This means you can access your photos across all your iOS devices. Another handy feature in iCloud Photo Library is the fact that photos are kept in the cloud, with a smaller version available on iOS devices (that means you have more space on your device, since the images are smaller).

In the coming months, Apple is going to introduce a Photos app for Mac, and this will sync with your iCloud Photo Library as well. Just make sure you take precautions to keep your iCloud photos safe: you don’t want to end up like those unfortunate celebs who had their naked selfies leaked.

5. You Won’t Have Long to Wait for iOS 8.2

Apple has already been testing iOS 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3 for some time now. As early as September, 9to5Mac was noticing visitors to their site from devices running these versions of iOS. It seems that iOS 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3 were in simultaneous development. 9to5Mac and BGR both speculate that iOS 8.2 might hit devices in just a few months. In early 2015, the Apple Watch is expected to debut, and a big iOS update would likely come along with that release.

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