Top 5 Best Phone Cases for Every Major Samsung Device



Samsung phones are packed with great features, and they just feel good in your hand. However, they can be a bit expensive. If you drop one, replacing the screen or a cracked housing can be a pain. That’s why a case is so important. Looking for the very best phone case for your Samsung device? We round up the best cases for the Galaxy S4 and S5, the Note 3 and Note 4, and the Galaxy Alpha. If you own one of these great phones, here’s a guide to the best cases you can use to protect your device (or just make it look cool.) Please note that all prices below are subject to change over time.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Cases

Check out the video above, which features one tech enthusiast’s take on the best Note 4 cases. The list includes Note 4 cases from Caseology and Spigen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has some great specs and special features, and it can be paired with lots of great accessories. The phone boasts a brilliant 5.7-inch screen, a 2.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor (up from the 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 in the Note 3), and it’s the only device that works with the Samsung Gear VR.

When you’re looking for a Note 4 case, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. One thing some people like in a Note 4 case is texture. As a bigger phone, it can sometimes be hard to keep a firm grip on this device. A case with some gripable texture or lines is a nice feature. Some people also like cases that add some extra features, such as waterproofing, a battery boost, or a compartment to store cards and cash.

Here are five solid case options for Note 4 owners:

Best waterproof case: oneCase™ Armor Defender IP-68 Waterproof Case ($19.99)
Best battery case: Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 10000mah Extended Battery Case ($59.99)
Best wallet case: ULAK Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case ($8.99)
Best “cute” or “cool” case: Big Mango Hello Kitty Case for Note 4 ($11.50)
Best all-around case: OtterBox Commuter Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case ($28.37)

2. Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

Kevin from Android Authority rounds up his favorite S5 cases in the video above. His list includes the Otterbox Commuter case, the Cruzerlite Bugdroid case, and the Spigen Slim Armor case.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a well-reviewed phone with solid specs, and a nice bonus feature: waterproofing. The S5 comes in a number of variants, including the S5 Active and S5 Mini.

When you’re shopping for S5 cases, waterproofing isn’t a priority, since it’s already got some waterproofing protection. That being said, some people like the added security of using a waterproof case with this device to further protect against water damage. The S5 also has a power saving mode, but some users still like having a backup battery case to extend their battery life even more.

Best waterproof case: LifeProof Fre Samsung Galaxy S5 Case ($79.99)
Best battery case: Mophie Juice Pack Samsung Galaxy S5 Case ($99.95)
Best wallet case: Incipio Watson Samsung Galaxy S5 Wallet Case ($6.71)
Best “cute” or “cool” case: iVoler Dot View Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ($9.95)
Best all-around case: Griffin SurvivorClear Samsung Galaxy S5 Case ($15.04)

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases have highlighted their favorite Note 3 cases in the video above. Their picks include the Spigen Neo Hybrid, the Bear Motion Premium Silky Folio Case, and the Spigen Ultra Fit.

The Note 3 may be an older device, but plenty of people are still happy using this smartphone. If you’re curious about the difference between the Note 3 and Note 4, check out this post. If your Note 3 is still under contract, you probably want to protect it from drops or water damage until you can upgrade to a newer device. For that reason, a case with rugged impact protection is probably great for you. A lot of people use their Note 3 for business, so additional battery or card storage is also a nice perk.

Best waterproof case: Ghostek Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Waterproof Case ($24.95)
Best battery extending option: Anker® 6400mAh Extended Battery with Black Cover ($26.99)
Best wallet case: Richton Leather Folio Wallet Note 3 Case ($4.46)
Best “cute” or “cool” case: Adventure Time Beemo Galaxy Note 3 Case ($15.90)
Best all-around case: OtterBox Defender Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ($37.66)

4. Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

The guys at Android Authority round up seven of their favorite S4 cases in the video above. Their top picks include the Speck Candyshell Grip and the Cygnett FitGrip.

The Galaxy S4 (sometimes stylized at the S IV) is a bit older. While it may not have the specs of the newer S5, it’s still a solid phone that has an appealing price point. S4 owners have one great benefit of owning an older phone: there are simply more cases to choose from. Many S4 owners like a case with some additional functionality, whether its a wallet, a battery pack, or just an unusual design that catches the eye.

Best waterproof case: LifeProof Nuud Samsung Galaxy S4 Case ($39.99)
Best battery case: Anker® S-View Flip Cover 5600mAh Extended Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 ($28.99)
Best wallet case: GMYLE S4 Wallet Case ($4.98)
Best “cute” or “cool” case: Gearonic Teddy Bear Plush S4 Case ($13.99)
Best all-around case: Belkin Grip Candy S4 Case ($5.87)

5. Samsung Galaxy Alpha Cases

Check out a Samsung Galaxy Alpha drop test in the video above.

The premium Galaxy Alpha hit stores in late 2014. This phone has Samsung’s new Exynos 5430 chip under the hood, along with a durable metal frame. Since the phone is fairly durable on its own, you can often get away with a more slim form factor for the case. Unlike some other Samsung phones, this has a relatively small battery, and also lacks waterproofing. The correct case can help relieve these inconveniences.

Best waterproof case: Love Mei Cover for Samsung Galaxy Alpha ($19.13)
Best battery case: PowerBear Galaxy Alpha Rechargeable Battery Case ($29.95)
Best wallet case: Cellto Samsung Galaxy Alpha Wallet Case ($7.99)
Best “cute” or “cool” case: REDShield Galaxy Alpha Case ($7.99)
Best all-around case: Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy Alpha Case ($17.99)