Hobbico Teases New RC Drone: Dromida Ominus

Hobbico has teased a brand new RC drone which they’ve also named the Dromida Ominus, which will apparently be a successor to the Dromida Ominus that is already available.

The current Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter is nearly impossible to break, as the official Dromida site even has a picture of it being run over with a steamroller, a bike, swatted by a flyswatter, and even chewed on by a dog.

The only thing that we can tell from the very brief teaser video — which unfortunately didn’t have a press release available — is that there is an onboard camera of sorts. We don’t know if this new Dromida Ominus model will be anything more than a camera addition, but we’ll update our readers as soon as we learn more, as we’ve reached out to Hobbico for more information.

The current Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter model is being sold for $79.98 and comes in four different colors, so we’re curious to see just what Dromida has in store for us with this new Ominus model.

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