Move Over Apple, Google’s Newest Android Operating System Is Coming

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Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Ice Cream Sandwich and Kit-Kat are all of Android’s operating systems. Although it’s been a while since the Lollipop was unveiled, a lot of handsets are still yet to have it. We’re starting to see it trickle down to more handsets, but it’s down to the individual manufacturers to bring it to their own devices. In fact only 1.6% of Android devices are running on Android 5.0. An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but there’s no denying we all need a little sugar in our lives every once in awhile.

Unwrapping Lollipop

Google states, “Lollipop is designed to be flexible, to work on all your devices and to be customized for you the way you see fit.” In other words, the operating system’s responsive design will remain consistent across all screens (smartphones, tablets, TVs and even Android Wear) while offering Android users advanced settings that lets them decide when they want their device to display notifications and allow incoming calls. Best of all, Lollipop has a built-in battery saver feature that can extend the life of a device up to 90 minutes, boasts the Android website.

Sweet Features, Sweeter Security

These upgrades to Android’s operating system are fine and dandy, but what do they really mean for us as mobile users? Two words: tighter security. Like the iPhone 6, Androids will now be encrypted, which is great news for those worried about their privacy. Encryption stores your phone’s data in an unreadable format, which makes it harder to hack. According to The Guardian, the FBI isn’t thrilled about the idea of encrypted devices because it makes criminal investigations more difficult. But, they were the ones that led us to believe encrypted data would protect us from hackers in the first place.

In addition to greater protection from hackers, you also can share your device with a guest user mode or multiple user accounts. If you’ve ever wanted to share your device with someone without them having access to your stuff (and who hasn’t?), Android’s got you covered. Android Smart Lock is yet another layer of security that pairs your phone or tablet with a trusted device like your wearable tech or your car. You can unlock your device via Bluetooth simply by getting near your vehicle, states Tom’s Hardware, an online tech publication.

How to Get Your Sugar Fix

Lollipop is free and is starting to become readily available on handsets this week. However, keep in mind that some devices might take longer to receive the newest Android OS.

Nexus devices will be the first to receive the update, with the Nexus 6 coming with the update pre-installed. The Nexus 5 will receive the update shortly, but it hasn’t launched just yet. Luckily for Samsung S5 users, you can update your phone to Android 5.0 right now. Samsung is starting to roll out the update for the Galaxy Note 4 as well. As for other models, HTC One M8 & LG G3 are ready to be updated, with other models catching up in the very near future.

Once you receive the notification to install Lollipop, it’s a good idea to first back up your data including your contacts and photos. If you don’t get an automatic notification asking you to upgrade your device, begin the update manually by going to Settings > About Phone > Software Update and select “Software update check.” You’ll soon be on your way to a better, more powerful Android.

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