Deem Your Home a No Fly Zone for RC Drones

No Fly Zone Drones

The general public is now able to register their homes as no-fly zones to stop RC drone operators from spying on or around their living space.

Simply head over to your web browser of choice and browse to, provide and verify your information, and the site will store your home’s GPS coordinates for drones worldwide to avoid. Of course, the general effectiveness of deeming your home a no-fly zone is basically left up to whether or not operators intend on following the rules for now. There is, however, one RC drone manufacturer that will program their drones to avoid GPS coordinates found on’s database, and hopefully other RC drone companies will follow suit in the near future.

There is also a Selective Unblocking feature on the way for that will allow users to fly their own drones around their home, but will ban other drones from doing so. This service will also be able to allow exceptions for drone-based delivery services, like users are seeing from Amazon.

So if you feel like taking more of a Ron Swanson mindset when it comes to Drones, you can read more about the NoFlyZone, check out their FAQ section. And for more on RC drones, stay tuned to

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