3DR Solo: The World’s First Smart Drone Announced

3DR solo smart drone

3D robotics has announced Solo, the ultimate new quadcopter drone designed to make capturing high quality video easier. In fact, they’re calling their new product the “world’s first smart drone.”

3DR says that its new product, which has two on-board computers, is a breakthrough in intelligent flight, as the handheld controller is capable of displaying real time HD video as you’re flying. The drone also has an HDMI out port for the added ability to play back the footage of your flight on a bigger screen. The Solo will use smartphone technology to allow users to adjust their flight options like cruise speed, how far you want the drone to fly out, and how high you want the drone to fly up. Also, the app will have a built in flight simulation to help users learn how to fly their drone.

3DR’s new quadcopter drone will allow users to set up camera automation software that will give drones the ability to auto follow the user or a path set in the software. Users will also be able to set the Solo drone in Orbit mode, which will allow them to select an object for the drone to circle around to capture footage. And, what would a smart drone be without a selfie option, where the quadcopter focuses on the flyer while it flies around.

The Solo smart RC drone will run you $1000 or $1,400 with the optional 3-axis GoPro Hero4 gimbal. It appears to be similar to the also newly announced DJI Phantom 3, but focused more on the photography aspect. For more info, check out the official 3D Robotics website.