Top 5 Rumors About Apple WWDC 2015

Apple WWDC, Apple conference, iPhone, Apple Pay, Apple TV

Last month Google announced for what it will be doing in the future during their annual conference I/O. The conference made a lot of exciting claims but it made us very excited for Apple’s turn in June. Apple WWDC, or Worldwide Developers Conference, begins on June 8 and lasts for a week, and the world is hoping for big things. Though we can never know for sure what the company will announce, but we can make a few guesses. The actual conference is sold out, but you can stream a few sessions including the Keynote online, in an app or on the Apple TV (if you’ve noticed the WWDC channel has already downloaded.) Here is what we think might happen next week.

We’ll be publishing an update of what is announced after the Keynote next week if you can’t watch it live.

1. HomeKit

Apple WWDC, apple conference, HomeKit

Not much is known about HomeKit but it could be the thing to bring Smart House, from the Disney Channel Original Movie, to life. It is a way to control your locks, thermostats and any smart appliances you might have with your phone. Start preheating the oven on the way home or make sure your doors are locked from the airport. It’s a pretty life-changing idea that we hope to hear more about next week.

2. Apple Pay

Apple WWDC, Apple Pay, apple conference

Apple Pay has been extremely successful since the announcement of the iPhone 6, and we’re hoping to hear some updates. Something that seems likely is a launch in Canada. Our poor neighbors to the North are still paying with credit cars and cash, and it is time to bring Apple into the future. The company might also be adding a rewards program that offers perks for shopping at certain places.

3. iOS 9


Of course, the crown jewel of Apple is the iPhone, and it would be shocking if we didn’t get news about iOS 9. The user interface will be changed a bit, and might include a split-screen multitasking feature. Rumors say we could see a lifestyle management feature called Proactive, likely created to keep up with Google Now. It will combine your calendar, appointments and even flight information all in one place so you can access it easier. We hear it could learn from your habits so it will figure out when you read your email during the day and pull it up for you. It sounds sort of creepy, but could make life easier.

We could get an update on Apple Maps, finally, that would involve transit directions and a browse around me feature to find the nearest gas station to you. They’re going to have to make up a lot of ground if they want to compete with Google Maps, but browse around me just might do it.

4. Streaming Music and Television

Apple WWDC, Apple conference, iTunes, Beats Music Streaming

Apple created Beats Music Service to try to compete with Spotify and Pandora but it hasn’t done incredibly well. It is safe to expect an update and maybe even a new app.

There is also talk around the internet of an Apple streaming television service. It looks like it could be around 25 channels including ABC, NBC, FOX and more and probably cost around $30 a month.

5. Apple TV

appleTV, Apple WWDC, apple conference

Apple TV has historically underperformed when stacked up next to the Chromecast or even the Roku, but the engineers at Cupertino might have a way to make it more appealing. We could see the inclusion of Siri for handsfree viewing, and maybe access to the App Store. This would make it so much easier to customize the menu and delete and add any apps you want.