What to Do if Facebook Reactions Aren’t Working

facebook reactions

Here’s what to do if Facebook Reactions don’t work. (Facebook)

Facebook rolled out its new “Reactions” emoticons and everyone’s talking about them. But these new emojis aren’t working for everyone. If you’re one of the unlucky few who can’t seem to get them to work, here are a few things that you can try.

On a Computer, Hover Over the Like Button

If you’re using a computer, you may not be patient enough to get the new emoji reactions to work. You’ll need to hover over the “like” button on any status to see the new reactions options pop up and then tap on the one that you want to use. You also won’t be able to use the reactions on comments, so if you’re hovering over the “Like” button under a comment, nothing’s going to happen.

On Mobile, Hold Down the Like Button on the Facebook App

If you’re using a mobile phone, then you’ll need to actually press and hold down the “like” button before the Reactions will appear. However, users are reporting that this is only working on the official Facebook App, and not on third party apps or mobile web browsers. The feature will likely be rolled out everywhere soon, but if it’s not working on your phone then this might be why. In addition, you may need to close your app completely and reopen it before you’ll see the Reactions.

Some Android Users Are Reporting Problems

People using iPhones are reporting the Reactions working quickly, while some Android users have reported that they haven’t been able to get the new feature to work yet. If you use an Android and it’s not working, try going to the Android Play store and updating the app. Some users are reporting that they need to take this step before Reactions appear.