These 5 Solutions Will Finally Help You Maximize Productivity

For many of us, the idea of getting a promotion or a raise is something that’s elusive. No matter how hard we work or how many hours we spend behind a desk, we just can’t seem to move up!

Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s only one thing your boss cares about, and that’s productivity.

Increase Your Productivity With These Tools

Productivity is partly about your mindset and partly about the tools you have at your disposal. While you have to master the mental portion of being productive, you’re ultimately limited by the tools and solutions you have.

Let’s take a look at some of the top solutions currently available to you.

1. WorkflowMax

workflowmaxTired of dealing with messy spreadsheets, stacks of paperwork, and time-consuming administrative tasks? With WorfklowMax, you can save an average of 628 hours of time and roughly $22,000 per year. This tool handles everything from lead quotes and invoicing to time-tracking and project management. It essentially lets you focus on the tasks that matter, while streamlining the mundane ones that simply need to be done. It’s a powerful solution that can be easily scaled based on your number of users.


Short for “If this, then that,” IFTTT is an incredibly simple, yet powerful app that has tremendous value when properly used. The premise of the app is simple. You set up “if” and “then” commands. For example: If I add a meeting to my Google calendar, then remind me with a text the night before. If I send out a tweet on Twitter, then upload the same post to Facebook. If I download a new app, then place it on the home screen.

You can set up hundreds of different timesaving combinations just like these, which come in handy when your devices are crammed with dozens of different apps and solutions.

3. Finish

Main ScreenThere are tons of different to-do list apps, but Finish is distinctly different. It’s designed for procrastinators who need more help than a simple list. “The main idea behind Finish is that procrastinators can’t be trusted to look at a list and decide what needs to be done,” says reviewer Mike Beasley.

Finish lets you create tasks and assign timeframes. The app then adjusts these as time elapses so that the user can look at a continually updating to-do list that adds pressure and increases productivity.

4. Evernote

You have to include Evernote on this list. While there are newer apps than this, Evernote is seen as the industry standard for productivity apps. It has a long list of features that allow you to do everything from manage your calendar to create slideshow presentations.

Touted as an app that helps you remember everything in your life, you won’t be able to live without it once installed. There’s a basic plan that’s free, as well as a couple other membership levels that range from $24.99 to $49.99 per year.

5. Captio

How often do you send emails or text messages to yourself, just so you’ll remember something? Most of us do this pretty frequently. The solution is Captio. With Captio, you don’t have to type in your phone number or email address. Just open the app, start typing, and hit send. It’s then automatically delivered to your email inbox.

Make Productivity a Priority

If you want to increase output and impress your boss, then productivity needs to be a major focus moving forward. In addition to utilizing the features that these apps provide, make sure you’re shifting your mindset.

Block out distractions and hone in on what really matters: Getting your work done in an efficient and effective manner. These apps will help, but they aren’t magical solutions.

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