‘Pokemon Go’ for Biz: How Business are Capitalizing on the Craze

The Pokemon Go craze is still going strong, and there doesn’t appear to be any slowing down – at least not through the remainder of the summer. And while much of the focus is on Pokemon players, it’s been interesting to see how businesses in highly trafficked areas are responding.

Pokemon Go and Business

Before Nintendo launched Pokemon Go, it seems they thought of everything. They developed a game that could be played alone, with other people, and on-the-go. But perhaps their greatest move was the decision to involve actual physical locations, landmarks, and businesses in the form of Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops. In doing so, they’ve not only managed to attract players, but they’ve reeled in businesses too.

4 Ways Businesses Can Leverage Pokemon Go

If you own a business in or around a highly populated area, then you should consider the value of Pokemon Go and how it can be used to drive foot traffic and revenue.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top ways it’s already being used, as well as some new opportunities that exist.

1. Purchase Lures

Did you know that Pokemon Go has a purchasable in-game feature called a “Lure Module” that attracts Pokemon to a specific location for 30 minutes at a time? These Lures are cheap and effective ways to get business on slow days.

“They’re visible to and attainable by everyone in the nearby vicinity,” suggests Jason Evangelho, video game industry expert. “Use it during a typically slow period of your day to get more foot traffic, and then use your creativity to turn them into a paying customer.”

2. Use Coupons

We’re a nation obsessed with coupons. Savvy millennial customers rarely purchase anything without first looking for online coupon codes or sifting through deal sites. It makes sense, then, that that businesses should find ways to leverage coupons in conjunction with Pokemon Go.

One idea is to offer coupons to customers who show you their Pokemon Go collections. You can offer different percentage discounts based on the rarity of the Pokemon, or the total number of Pokemon they’ve caught.

3. Capitalize on Gyms

Pokemon Gyms play a big role in the game. These game epicenters are predetermined and you can’t manually set up a gym at your place of business. However, it’s possible that you have one nearby. Many gyms are located at churches and public transportation stops. If you’re lucky enough to be right next to a gym, you’ll enjoy steady foot traffic without having to do anything at all. Just make sure you capitalize on it by encouraging players to stop by your business.

4. Hit the Road

Finally, if you don’t want to purchase lures, and there doesn’t seem to be much traffic nearby, who says you have to sit still? Why not take your business on the road and establish a “pop up shop” near a popular gym? This could be a great way to expand your footprint.

Businesses: Don’t Miss Out

Pokemon Go is arguably the most popular social game ever. In terms of daily users, it’s already reached and surpassed the level of Google Maps, Snapchat, Twitter, Tinder, and other massively popular apps. In fact, it’s the fastest mobile game to ever reach 50 million worldwide downloads – and did so in just 19 days. For perspective, the previous record was 77 days (Color Switch).

Now is the time to seize this opportunity. Pokemon Go’s popularity won’t last forever. By the time 2017 rolls around, it’s likely that people will have already moved on to the next thing.

So, don’t wait any longer – take advantage of the opportunity you have in front of you.

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