Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+: Price, Release Date & More

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The technology giant Samsung announced their new Galaxy S9 and S9+ at the annual Galaxy Unpacked event. The new phone is focused on re-imagining aspects of older smartphones with extra concentraion on the camera and augmented reality.

The start of the event heavily focused on the idea that you can do anything, and that can’t is not in Samsung’s vocabulary. The introduction video for the new phone ended with the quote “we’re born to do what can’t be done. Do what you can’t.”

Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division, DJ Koh introduced the new phone. Koh discussed the intelligence of things, focusing on A.R. in new phones and the fact that wireless technology is available everywhere, all the time.

It’s not technology companies that change the world. It’s people. We may deliver more capabilities, and add new features. But, it’s only when technology is in people’s hands that real magic happens and our lives are transformed. It’s you who are the true creators and innovators. You are the ones who see new possibilities that open the door to a universe of new experiences.

The phones have the features of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, with infinity edges and Samsung health built in, but the newer edition of the phone will take these features to new levels. The event was heavily centered around the camera in the S9 and S9+.

Release Date & Price

The phone will be available March 16. You can preorder the phone now on Samsung’s website and at some retail stores.

The Galaxy S9 in all colors costs $719.99 with financing options available. The bigger S9+ will cost $839.99. The financing options offer prices such as $30 a month for the S9 and $35 a month for the S9+ when purchasing the phones unlocked. These prices are for the 64 GB versions of the phones.

Trade up and save offers high trade-in values on your current phone when you upgrade to the Galaxy S9. Samsung’s website says that, with a qualifying trade-in, customers can save up to $350 on the new Galaxy phones.

Special Features

Senior Vice President Product Marketing Justin Denison introduced the features of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ after the original introduction of the phone at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. He emphasized that the phone will be built around the way that the phone will be built around the way people are currently using smartphones.

The most important function of the phone will be the camera. Taking photos, selfies, sharing emojis and videos will be a huge part of the new phone. According to the presentation, people took over 1.2 billion pictures and sent over 5 billion emojis. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are not just smartphones that take good pictures, instead the phones use a breakthrough camera that sees the world clearly in any light, built around the phones.

The camera will allow for “super slow-mo,” which slows any video down to 960 frames per second. For reference, usual slow-mo videos are about 260 frames per second. The feature will also allow for creating gifs out of regular videos and slow-mo videos.

The S9+ will come with 2 separate camera lenses, one good for close-ups and one that is more suited for wider action shots. It will also allow for post-shot editing in order to get the best portraits out there.

The phones will also still have the infinity edges like Samsung has touted in the past. One difference on the back of the phone is that the fingerprint scanner has been moved to directly under the camera, which makes it easier for users to access their phones.

The S9 and S9+ will be water and dust resistant. The S9 is a little under 6 inches, while the S9+ will be a little over 6 inches. The screens have been enhanced to be brighter, and the sounds went through a revamp as well. The speakers will now be on both ends of the phone, and they are Samsung’s loudest speakers ever.

Samsung also introduced their own face recognition and iris scanning, much like that of the iPhone X. The facial recognition will utilize not only facial features, but also iris scanning technology. It’s also used to create and personalize augmented reality emojis that will use your face to create a new emoji to capture the user’s facial expressions and voice messages.

With the camera partnered with Samsung’s “Bixby” personal assistant, the phone can translate any languages or signs at the push of a button. This is also used in restaurants. Using Bixby Text search, the phone translates languages to whichever language you choose.

The new SmartThings app will help control all your smart devices including Samsung refrigerators and Smart TVs. It will also include Samsung Health, which is supposed to help you live a healthier, better life. Not only will the phone still have the heartbeat monitor, but Samsung partnered with the UCSF School of Medicine to better measure how hard the user’s heart is working when using the Samsung Health app.

The phones will come in 4 different colors including midnight black, titanium grey, coral blue and lilac purple. The lilac purple is a new one-of-a-kind color introduced by Samsung for the new phones.