7 Best ASMR Microphones for Recording: Your Buyer’s Guide

best asmr microphone

The one piece of gear you need to make great ASMR content is a quality ASMR microphone. Whether you’re an aspiring ASMRtist looking for your first mic or an experienced content creator who’s ready for an upgrade, we’ve got you covered with the seven best ASMR microphones available today.

The 7 Best ASMR Microphones

Blue Yeti USB Microphone ASMR microphone Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great value
  • Most popular ASMR microphone
  • Stereo sound with USB output
Price: $100.04 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB ASMR microphone Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • USB and XLR output options
  • Good sound quality
Price: $65.36 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder ASMR microphone Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Portable
  • Great sound
  • Flexible micing options
Price: $199.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Rode NT1-A ASMR Microphone Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ultra-low noise floor
  • Attractive design and build
  • Clear and warm audio
Price: $228.86 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Blue Baby Bottle Microphone ASMR microphone Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Gorgeous vintage design
  • Top-of-the-line audio
  • Warm, full-bodied character
Price: $399.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
3Dio FS Binaural Microphone ASMR microphone Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Records binaural audio
  • Prosthetic ears
  • Reasonably priced
Price: $399.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
3Dio FS Pro II ASMR microphone Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Best binaural mic on the market
  • Top-of-the-line mic capsules
  • 3.5mm and XLR outputs
Price: $1,999.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone | Best ASMR Microphone

    • Super affordable
    • Crystal-clear sound
    • Most popular microphone in ASMR community
    • Stereo sound
    • USB output makes setup as easy as can be
    • Multiple recording modes
    • Built-in headphone jack
    • Somewhat bulky
    • USB port placement is a little awkward
    • Stand can vibrate and muddy up the sound
    • Have to experiment with mic placement to find the sweet spot

    The Blue Yeti USB Microphone is the most popular microphone in the ASMR community—and for good reason! It’s an incredible bang-for-your-buck product that gives you everything you could want in an ASMR microphone at a price that is significantly lower than most of its competitors. That’s why the Yeti is the go-to microphone for anyone who is looking to start making their own ASMR content. 

    The best thing about the Yeti is that it contains three individual condenser microphone capsules, which essentially means that it uses three mini microphones instead of one large one. This multi-mic setup allows the Yeti to create stereo recordings in which sounds move from one ear to the other depending on their position relative to the microphone. Many of the other products on this list will require you to purchase two separate microphones in order to achieve this effect, but a single Blue Yeti can do it all on its own—and with excellent audio quality to boot!

    Another great feature of the Yeti is that it is extremely easy to use. Simply plug the included USB cable into your Mac or Windows PC, select the Yeti as your recording device, and you are ready to begin recording. This ease of use makes it a great option for beginners, as you won’t have to fiddle around with any settings or menus to get the mic up and running. 

    All in all, the Blue Yeti USB Microphone is a stellar product with very few downsides: It’s a little on the bulky side, the placement of the USB port is a little awkward, and there is a bit of trial and error in getting to the best sound. But these are minor complaints considering what you’re getting. The Blue Yeti is the undisputed king of ASMR microphones, and it’s the obvious choice for anyone looking to start making their own recordings. 

  2. 2. Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB | Best Affordable ASMR Microphone

    • Entry-level price
    • USB and XLR output options
    • Good sound quality for the price
    • Includes a stand
    • Built-in headphone jack with volume dial
    • Handheld design
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Mono only
    • Audio is less clear than more expensive options
    • Relatively high noise floor
    • Plastic stand

    If you’re a shopper on a budget, then the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB may be the perfect ASMR microphone for you. It has excellent audio quality for the price, and it comes with all of the essential features you need as a budding ASMRtist.

    The best part about the ATR2100-USB is that it comes with everything you need to begin recording right away, including a microphone stand, a USB cable, and an XLR cable. Much like the Blue Yeti listed above, the ATR2100-USB is completely plug and play. Simply connect the USB cable to your computer, set up the stand, and you are ready to start making your own ASMR content.

    Another great feature that the ATR2100-USB shares with the Yeti is that it comes with a built-in headphone jack that allows you to monitor what the microphone is picking up in real time. This is especially great for making ASMR, as you will know exactly what your triggers sounds like in your recording while you are making it. This allows you to adjust how you are manipulating the trigger in order to maximize tingles for your listeners. 

    The ATR2100-USB is a great, affordable ASMR microphone, but it does come with several noteworthy downsides. For one, this is a mono microphone, which essentially means that the recordings you make with it will sound identical coming out of the left and right speakers. You won’t, for example, be able to make a trigger feel like it is playing just in the left ear and move it to the right ear. This microphone has no directionality to it, and so the sounds you record will simply sound like they are coming from right in front of the listener, regardless of where you position the trigger relative to the mic. 

    The way around this issue would be to purchase two ATR2100-USBs and record with them both simultaneously—one for the left channel and the other for the right—but this would require you to buy a second microphone, which cuts down on the ATR2100-USB’s affordability. At that point, you might be better off just picking up a Blue Yeti, which would cost slightly less and get you an industry-standard microphone. 

    For this reason, the ATR2100-USB is primarily an option if you’re on a tight budget or if you just want to get something basic while you dip your toes into making your own ASMR content. If you’ve got a little bit more money to spend and you want a product that you will be able to use for a long time to come, go with the Yeti instead.  

  3. 3. Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder | Best Portable ASMR Microphone

    • Portable
    • Great sound, with super low noise floor
    • Flexible micing options
    • Built-in effects software
    • AC adapter
    • Built-in X/Y stereo produces a modest sense of space
    • Expensive
    • Limited stereo field
    • Unfocused, ambient sound compared to other microphones on this list
    • Short battery life

    The Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder is a great option if you are looking for a portable ASMR microphone. While all of the other microphones on this list require a computer or external storage device, the Zoom H4N PRO is completely standalone. This gives you the freedom to make your ASMR content whenever and wherever you like—unlocking countless creative possibilities.

    What separates the H4N PRO from other portable microphones is its impressive sound quality and versatile recording options. The H4N PRO features two built-in microphones arranged in an X/Y stereo configuration, allowing you to record in full stereo without any external equipment. The H4N PRO also includes 2 multi-jack (XLR + 1/4″) inputs that let you supplement the built-in microphones with one or two external mics. For example, you could connect a Blue Yeti to the H4N and record with that as well as the built-in microphones. These flexible micing options are great for ASMR, as you can achieve wildly different sonic results simply by experimenting with different microphones at varying volume levels. 

    Other noteworthy features about the H4N PRO include the built-in headphone jack, which allows you to monitor your recordings; the 32GB maximum SD storage capacity; and the surprisingly good software, which even lets you add audio effects to your recordings. The biggest downside of the Zoom H4N PRO is its price tag; it costs nearly twice as much as the Blue Yeti, and the audio it produces, while good, is not as clean as what you would get with the Yeti. The Yeti also records in a wider stereo image than the H4N PRO, which is really nice for achieving that kind of ear-to-ear motion that is so prevalent in ASMR.

    All in all, the Zoom H4N PRO is a fantastic microphone if you can see yourself making ASMR content outside of your home studio. But the H4N PRO’s portability is reflected in the price tag, and it’s only worth the price if you take advantage of that core feature. Otherwise, there’s probably another product on this list that’s a better fit for you. 

  4. 4. Rode NT1-A | Best Mono ASMR Microphone

    • Ultra-low noise floor
    • Attractive design and build
    • Clear and warm audio
    • Includes studio-grade pop filter, shock mount, and 20' XLR cable
    • Mono only
    • Expensive, especially if you want to record in stereo
    • No USB output
    • Needs a microphone stand but doesn't include one

    A relative newcomer to the ASMR scene that’s been gaining a lot of popularity is the Rode NT1-A. This microphone’s primary selling points are its crystal-clear audio and ultra-low noise floor. Audio recorded with the NT1-A is extraordinarily clean and contains very little background noise, which can really amplify the effectiveness of many triggers.

    The NT1-A’s one downside is that, like the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB, it can only record in mono, rather than stereo. Stereo recordings have different sounds coming from the left and right speakers, which makes sounds feel like they are coming from different directions in space. Mono recordings like those made by the NT1-A, on the other hand, sound exactly the same in the left and right speakers, which makes everything sound like it’s coming from directly in front of the listener. If you want to record audio in stereo, you would have to buy two NT1-As, which you could use to record separate left and right channels.

    When used in this way, the Rode NT1-A is easily one of the best microphones for ASMR available today. The audio it produces is extraordinarily pleasing to the ear, with pristine high frequencies (which give sounds their airiness or sheen) and tremendous warmth and clarity throughout the rest of the frequency spectrum. 

    At this price point, however, I would only recommend the Rode NT1-A for ASMR if you are able to buy two. The fact that a single NT1-A is only able to record in mono is simply too big of a shortcoming if you’re willing to spend this much money on an ASMR microphone. Instead, I’d recommend you give the Blue Yeti a try, which is significantly more affordable and can give you that all-important stereo sound.

    But if you’ve got the budget for two, the NT1-A might be the microphone to take your ASMR content to new heights. Just be sure that you have an audio interface in order to handle the XLR outputs!

  5. 5. Blue Baby Bottle Microphone | Best Premium Mono ASMR Microphone

    • Gorgeous vintage design
    • Top-of-the-line audio
    • Warm, full-bodied character
    • Comes with a pop filter, shock mount, and wooden case
    • Expensive
    • Mono only
    • Three-year warranty
    • Doesn't include an XLR cord

    If you’re an experienced ASMRtist who is looking to take your content to the next level, the Blue Baby Bottle might be the microphone for you. This is a top-of-the-line product that produces audio with stunning clarity and a unique sonic character. While recordings made with cheaper microphones can sometimes sound cold or harsh, the Baby Bottle’s sound is warm and full of body. There’s just something about the Baby Bottle’s sound that makes everything more pleasing to the ear, which is part of what makes it so great for ASMR. 

    The one downside of the Blue Baby Bottle is that, like the Rode NT1-A, it can only record in mono. This means that you will need to purchase two Baby Bottles if you want to record ASMR content in which the sounds feel like they are moving from ear to ear. Obviously, this takes a product that was already expensive and doubles the price, which is why the Baby Bottle is best saved for serious content producers.

    If you’re a hobbyist who is just getting into making your own ASMR content, you’ll be more than happy with one of the more affordable options listed above. But if you’re a committed content producer who wants to maximize your tingles, the Baby Bottle is an awesome choice. 

  6. 6. 3Dio FS Binaural Microphone | Best Affordable Binaural Microphone for ASMR

    • Records binaural audio with realistic prosthetic ears
    • Affordably priced for a binaural microphone
    • Ears are great for many ASMR sub-genres
    • Creates a more immersive sound than regular stereo
    • Expensive compared to regular stereo microphones
    • No USB or XLR output
    • Requires a stand but doesn't come with one
    • Requires an audio interface, digital recorder, or preamp

    The best part about the 3Dio FS compared to other binaural microphones on the market today is its affordability.

    While other microphones on this list, such as the Blue Yeti or the Zoom H4N, are able to record in regular stereo, the 3Dio FS records in a specific type of stereo called binaural, which essentially means that it is modeled after the human auditory system. The 3Dio FS actually has two microphones that are embedded inside prosthetic ears about five inches apart from each other (roughly the width of a human head). This allows the 3Dio FS to record audio that sounds very close to what it would sound like if the listener were physically present during the recording process.

    The 3Dio FS lets you record high-quality, immersive ASMR content without having to break the bank to do it. Sure, the FS is still significantly more expensive than many of the other products on this list, especially the Blue Yeti, but it’s a great deal compared to other binaural mics (just wait for the seventh product on this list).

    Another great feature of this microphone for ASMR is the prosthetic ears, which you can interact with in various ways that can really trigger the tingles. The 3Dio FS (and other 3Dio models) are especially popular options for ear-cleaning ASMR and role-playing-type content, both of which benefit from the sense of immersion that comes with binaural audio. 

    The biggest downside of the 3Dio FS is simply that it is fairly expensive compared to most of the other microphones on this list. As I said above, it’s a great deal compared to other binaural mics, but it may be too expensive if you’re a novice ASMRtist who is just getting involved in the space. Another noteworthy downside of this model is that it only has a 3.5mm audio output—no USB or XLR. It’s not a huge issue, but it would have been nice to have multiple outputs so that you could choose which one works best for you. 

    But these are small complaints about an otherwise excellent product. If you’re serious about making ASMR content and you want that binaural sound, then the 3Dio FS is definitely worth a look. 

  7. 7. 3Dio FS Pro II | Best Binaural Microphone for ASMR

    • Best binaural mic on the market
    • Top-of-the-line mic capsules
    • 3.5mm stereo output and two XLR outputs
    • Extraordinarily low noise floor
    • Wide frequency response gives unparalleled realism
    • Phantom power
    • Expensive
    • Included cable is short (8 inches)
    • Doesn't come with a stand

    If you’re a passionate ASMR content creator who is looking for the very best, then look no further than the 3Dio FS Pro II—the best binaural microphone for ASMR available today. This model comes with all of the same advantages as the 3Dio FS listed above but also sports improved microphone capsules, a lower noise floor, and additional output options. These improvements come at a high cost, but the FS Pro II is worth every penny, assuming you’ve got the budget for it.

    The most significant upgrade that the FS Pro II has over the FS is the DPA 4060 microphone capsules. These capsules are widely regarded for having an extraordinary frequency response range, which essentially means that you will be able to record both extremely high frequencies (the frequencies responsible for giving sounds their airiness or sheen) as well as extremely low frequencies, including rumbling bass sounds that lesser microphones aren’t able to pick up.

    This is especially great to have in an ASMR microphone, as you are able to capture each sound in incredible detail. The bass response is particularly nice for ear-cleaning and other immersive content, because the Pro II is able to capture the subtleties that you would experience if you were actually hearing the sounds in person. 

    These microphones are also widely heralded for their wide dynamic range. Dynamic range refers to the volume level differences between very loud sounds and very quiet sounds. Some microphones compress these differences in order to make recordings in which all sounds are equally loud—not so with the capsules in the 3Dio FS Pro II.

    The Pro II’s dynamic range makes for recordings that are nuanced and pristine. This is great for ASMR because you can capture very soft sounds as well as louder ones. The contrast between sounds can be very relaxing and can go a long way toward triggering the tingles. 

    The one significant downside of the 3Dio FS Pro II is, of course, the price. There’s no getting around it, the Pro II is an expensive piece of gear. But you get what you pay for when it comes to audio equipment, and the 3Dio FS Pro II is the best of the best. 

Choosing an ASMR Microphone

Choosing an ASMR microphone depends on three primary factors: recording options, output options, and budget. 

When I say recording options, I'm primarily referring to what kind of audio the microphone is able to record. Some products, like the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB, the Blue Baby Bottle, and the Rode NT1-A, are only able to record in mono. Mono recordings sound identical coming out of the left and right speakers, so they don't have the sense of space or directionality that you can get with a stereo recording. The only way to produce a stereo recording using these mono microphones is to purchase two of them and use them simultaneously.

The Blue Yeti, by contrast, is capable of making stereo recordings with just one microphone. This means you will be able to move triggers around the microphone while you are recording and the sound of the trigger will move from ear to ear, which makes the Yeti even more cost-effective than it appears on first glance. 

If you want the best stereo sound possible, however, you will want to consider one of the two binaural microphones from 3Dio: the FS and the FS Pro II. These microphones create recordings that make the listener feel like they are actually in the room with you, experiencing the triggers first-hand. This can be a huge boost to immersion and really increase the tingle response. 

The second major factor to consider when choosing an ASMR microphone is output options. This one requires less explanation: USB and 3.5mm audio outputs are super convenient because you can plug them directly into any computer with no problem. XLR outputs are the industry-standard for audio equipment, but they require a separate audio interface in order to connect to a computer. If you don't have an audio interface and you don't want to invest in one, you'll want to purchase a microphone that has an output option besides XLR. 

Last but not least, price! If you're a beginner ASMR content creator who is looking for your first microphone, you cannot go wrong with the most affordable options on this list, especially the Blue Yeti. The Yeti is an incredible value, and many of the biggest ASMRtists on YouTube still use it, because it is just that good. If you want even clearer audio than what the Yeti can provide or you're ready to upgrade to a binaural mic, then one of the more expensive microphones is probably right for you.

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