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11 Cool Toys for Adults Available Right Now

We’re living in an age of unparalleled technological advancement. A lot of technology is being developed for practical applications however a lot of this kooky scientific progress is being leveraged for our own amusement.

Products for kids are the number one go-to in the marketplace but that’s followed right up with a demand from big kids for toys of their own. That’s right: tech toys. These cool toys for adults come in a variety of forms from games to robots to gadgets.

Below we list some of our favorite items in the cool toy field. You may be familiar with some of them as well as be completely surprised that some of these items even exist. Read on to find out about some great gift options for those folks you know who will never quite grow up.

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What's the Best Tech Toy for Adults?

Grown-ups like to play too. In this age of seemingly limitless technological advancement, applying new discoveries to products that delight and entertain has never been easier.

It seems that there's a product for just about any interest out there with tech that brings innovation to the forefront. Between physical toys and digital apps, we've been overrun with gadgets and gizmos.

But that's okay: it just means we have more fun distractions to choose from. What's the tech lover on your list into? Robots? Games? Scientific discovery? There's something out there for anyone. 

The answer to your question is really this: the best tech toy for adults is the one that applies to that adult's lifestyle and interests. Don't think about it too hard, though. This is supposed to be fun.

What's the Coolest Tech Right Now?

Each year, technology zooms forward at an incredible pace. What was once considered advanced is in today's recycle bin. Most recently, exercise equipment made an enormous leap forward with streamed trainers to keep you motivated during your workout.

Whether it's a bike like the NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle or a touchscreen mirror such as the Echelon Reflect that features a personal trainer, who needs to go to a physical gym? Streamed content is changing the way we live and play.

Artificial intelligence is also changing our society. Robots like the Roomba clean our houses so we don't have to. Need to check in with your pet at home? Machines like the Wopet SmartFeeder now exist to see and hear your precious friend and even give them a treat while you're away.

Of course, maybe the largest advancements have been in the virtual reality sphere. Video games have made huge advances from the Atari 2600 days. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it. Just rest assured that you have no idea how good you have it now.