Rescue Runts Toys: Where to Buy These New Plush Pets (Updated!)

rescue runts toys

Looking for those new Rescue Runts toys that you’re seeing commercials for all over TV now? Wondering where the best place to buy them is? We’ve got you covered here at

What are Rescue Runts toys? They’re these INCREDIBLY cute plush toys that task your kids with adopting a pet (puppies and kittens are both available), grooming it, and getting it looking like a well-cared for pup. It’s likely that they’re going to be among the hottest toys of 2018 when Christmas comes around, so we’re keeping an eye on them.

They come looking super ragged and in need of a good grooming, and with bandages. Then, your child can groom it as he/she sees fit and nurse the pup or kitten back to health.

After they’ve been taken care of, their ears perk back up and your kids have themselves a healthy, cute plush pet.

Unfortunately, Rescue Runts sold out a week after their debut in most places. But, we’re here to help you find them.

So, where can you buy Rescue Runts toys and who still has them in stock?

Amazon – $19.99

Your first destination for toys now that Toys R’ Us is dead should be Amazon, as they not only have the biggest stock of toys but they also allow you to pre-order many toys before they’re actually released.

Luckily, Rescue Runt toys are already in the wild, and you can find them right on for $19.99.

There are currently four varieties of Rescue Runts toys available: a German Shepherd, a Husky, a Spaniel, and a Spotty. As you can see, only the dogs are available right now, with more styles coming soon.

As of writing this post, all four of these Rescue Runt toys are still in stock, as well. So, ordering is super easy.

They’re also available with Prime 2-day shipping, so if you have an Amazon Prime account, you’ll save on shipping costs.

As it stands right now, Amazon is the only place to buy Rescue Runts. In fact, even if you venture over to their official site, their ‘Shop Now’ buttons all point to their Amazon store.

We’re not seeing anything that says that Amazon has exclusive rights to sell them, so we’re expecting them to hit other major retailers like Target and Walmart in due time. We’ll update this post accordingly if that’s the case, but for now, Amazon is the only place to pick them up.

Buy them on Amazon here.

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