Fingerlings Glitter Pandas: Where to Buy (Updated!)

Fingerlings Glitter Pandas

Fingerlings have been huge since last year, and WowWee’s line of toys is only getting bigger, growing in popularity with every new toy they announce.

You might have noticed two of their newest products for 2018 that were shown way back during Toy Fair 2018 in February, the Fingerlings Hugs (which we have on our list of the hottest Christmas toys of 2018) and the Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex. Both are great, but WowWee isn’t stopping there, as the brand just announced Fingerlings Glitter Pandas!

That’s right. Glitter. Pandas.

What Are Glitter Pandas

Fingerlings Glitter Pandas are the brand’s newest addition, and just like the rest of the Fingerlings, they have over 40 different responses and interactions, responding to your motion, touch, or noises around them.

But best of all, they’ve got glittery sparkles on their legs and arms (like the Glitter Monkey).

There are currently three different colored pandas available: classic black and white panda named Drew, a pink and white panda named Polly, and a blue and white panda named Archie.

These new glitter pandas can also sit on their own if you lean them up against a wall (which you couldn’t do with the original Fingerlings).

Where to Buy Glitter Pandas

Fingerlings Glitter Pandas are exclusive to Target for August, and then they’ll make their way to other big retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Kohls, and of course, Amazon — just in-time for the holiday shopping season.

So if you’re not a fan of Target, you can wait it out and buy them just about everywhere else next month. But if you need these sparkly adorable Fingerlings right now, they’re available in-store and online at Target for $14.99 (they’ll be listed later this week).

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