11 Best Wooden Playsets: Your Buyer’s Guide (2019)

best wooden swing sets

Looking to add one of the best wooden swing sets to your backyard this summer? We’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide.

One of the byproducts our ever-advancing modern age is that kids are having more and more reasons to stay inside. Whether it’s video games, TV shows, Netflix marathons, or cool indoor toys, going outside to play is simply not as attractive anymore.

With that said, if you give your kids a reason to be outside, chances are they will gradually change their mind. One of the best ways to do so is to build a swing set in your backyard, and where quality is concerned, you want to go with wooden playsets (they last longer than their metal or plastic counterpart).

There are many ways to do this. Some opt for DIY builds, but that takes a lot of time and effort. Most parents chose to go for a pre-made swing set, which is probably why you’re reading this right now.

And with the warmer weather approaching, we’ve selected the top 11 best wooden swing sets and playsets that will bring countless hours of entertainment to your kids.

1. Backyard Discovery Kings Peak All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

backyard discovery kings

We are going to kick things off with a pretty impressive, sturdy playset that brings a ton of features. Backyard Discovery Kings Peak sports a twin fort design, meaning that you get two independent towers connected via a sun bridge. Each of these has a covered sandpit underneath, where your kids can play in a safe and easy to clean environment. One of the towers comes with a plastic slide, which is made out of rather durable materials. On top of all that, you also get a swing set that is attached to the side of one of the towers and features two swings.

One of the best things about this set is just how durable it is. The wood used is high-quality cedar and all of the elements are rather thick. Every single point of contact between two load bearing pieces of wood is made secure thanks to rock solid metal joints. Each joint uses at least 4 and up to 8 heavy duty bolts. Overall, we’re talking about an awesome value and impressive durability.

Dimensions: 23 x 16 x 11 ft
Recommended Ages: 3-10 years
Price: $2,169.99 (with Assembly) (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Backyard Discovery Kings Peak All Cedar Wood Playset here.

2. Big Backyard RIdgeview Club Deluxe Play Set

wooden play set big backyard

I actually own an earlier model that’s very similar to this one, and it has lasted for 5 years already with n signs of significant wear. It’s still in my backyard, and my kids play with it just about every day in the summer.

This model is a bit more advanced than the one I have, adding two barstool-like seats and an open attic-like design. It has two regular swings and a premium glider, monkey bars, a grooved slide, a climbing ladder, and a chalkboard.

Most importantly (at least if you’re a homeowner) it adds value to your home and gives your backyard a premium look. There’s no cheesy-looking plastic or coloring, so you can be confident that your yard is going to still look top-notch.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 13.5 x 9.5 ft
Recommended Ages:
3-10 years

Buy the Big Backyard Ridgeview Club Playset on Amazon here.

3. Congo Monkey Playsystem #4 with Swing Beam

congo monkey playset

One playset model you should definitely check out if you have a smaller family is from Congo, and it’s called the Congo Monkey Playsystem. Compared to previous two sets above, this one features three towers instead of two. All of the towers are of different height, giving this set a castle-like appearance.

As a part of the kit, you get two slides — one spiral enclosed slide and one wavy open slide — a swing set that is mounted to the side and a climbing wall. The Swing set has two swings and a bar swing. Pound for pound, this thing is loaded. The towers are connected to each other directly, so there are no sun bridges or anything similar. Instead of a sandpit, the ground level of one of the towers features a bench with a table — which is great for pretend play as well as snack time.

In terms of quality, you are looking at polymer coated cedar lumber. What this means is that Congo offers a maintenance free set which you don’t have to worry about. If you live in an area with a lot of rainfall every year, this set is a perfect choice, as it even has rain tarps covering each of the towers, also providing a significant amount of shade on the sunnier days. It’s great for families with one to three kids.

Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 12.9 ft
Recommended Ages: 3+
Price: $3,399.00

Buy Congo Monkey Playsystem #4 here.

4. Backyard Discovery Vista

backyard discovery vista

Another great set from Backyard Discovery comes in form of their Backyard Discovery Vista All Cedar Wood Playset. It is slightly different from the Kings Peak we mentioned earlier, but it’s also cheaper.

This kit consists of two towers connected by a sun bridge. The left tower is considerably larger than the right one, while both of them feature a 10 ft wavey polymer slide as well as a set of ladders. Attached to the left, smaller tower is a wooden swing set just like the one found on Kings Peak. Both towers feature hardwood roofs, while the larger tower also has two different levels.

In terms of quality, you get the same heavy duty joints like on the Kings Peak along with the same high-quality cedar wood. As for assembly difficulty, this set is not that hard to put together. Use of power tools is highly recommended, though.

Overall, the Backyard Discovery Vista comes across as well-designed alternative to their flagship model, and whether you run a daycare or you’re looking for something for your kids to play on in the backyard, it’s one of the best wooden swing sets this summer.

Dimensions: 26 x 18.5 x 13 ft
Recommended Ages: 3-10 years
Price: $2,701.00

Buy the Backyard Discovery Vista All Cedar Wood Playset here.

5. Cedar Summit Wooden Play Set

cedar summit wooden playset

One of the best-looking wooden swing sets is the Cedar Summit Wooden Play Set. This playset is definitely something special. The main difference compared to other kits we’ve talked about so far is the fact that it comes with actual doors and windows, both on the upper floors and the ground level.

The bridge that connects two towers is a closed design, with small windows on both sides. There are three slides, one of which is a spiral design, while both towers are accessed using a set of ladders. Finally, there’s a swing set attached to the side of the left tower, which also includes a set of hangers.

The quality of lumber is great, and the same goes for all of the polymer elements. Every load bearing component in this set is made of wood, but there are pieces of long-lasting polymer elements scattered around. While cedar lumber used is not laminated, it does come stained from the factory.

Dimensions: 24’8″ x 12’7″ x 11′
Recommended Ages: 3 Years and Up
Price: $2,827.99

Buy the Cedar Summit Wooden play Set here.

6. Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Chateau II

gorilla playset bleu ridge chateau

Single tower designs are every bit as fun as ones with two towers. Designed for those who have to work with limited room, they offer practical solutions which are more flexible. Gorilla Playsets offers their Blue Ridge Chateau II with this kind of customer in mind.

The set includes a single tower that features a swing set attached to its right side, a quality polymer slide, and a small rock climbing wall. As usual, you also get a set of ladders for easy access to the upper levels. At the bottom of this tower, Gorilla Playsets included a pretty roomy sandpit that is bordered off using lumber bars.

Every piece of wood is coated with a polymer layer that makes the entire set completely maintenance free. You don’t have to worry about water, rot or even insects damaging the lumber. If you’re after a single tower design, this kit is among the best out there. And for single families with one to three kids, it’s the best wooden swing set.

Dimenions: 19 x 18 x 11 ft
Recommended Ages: 5 Years and Up
Price: $2,610.56

Buy Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Chateau II Wood Swing Set here.

7. Congo Monkey Playsystem #1

best wooden playsets

Gorilla Playsets are not the only popular brand that offers single tower kits out there. Congo’s Monkey Playsystem #1 is a great set with a lot of interesting solutions. For one, the tower is not completely covered. There is a portion which is exposed and works as a balcony of sorts. The roof on this set is not made of lumber but is actually a piece of green tarp.

This makes it easy to construct and reduces the number of exposed elements to worry about. Included in the set is a rock climbing wall, a slide and a swing set with hangers. One of the more unique features is the fireman’s pole located in the center of the tower.

This pole allows your kids a quick access to the sandpit bellow, while they can also use it instead of ladders to get down. Quality wise, this is a low maintenance set and is pretty easy to setup, and that’s why it’s on our list of the best wooden swing sets for this summer.

Dimensions: 16′ x 14′ x 10’6″
Recommended Ages: 3 Years and Up
Price: $2,576.89

Buy Congo Monkey Playsystem #1 here.

8. Swing-N-Slide Trekker Wooden Play Set

swing n slide trekker wooden playset

Finally, we have this compact set from Swing-N-Slide. The entire thing is smaller than the sets we’ve talked about earlier, which makes the Trekker a great choice for those who have limited space to work with.

The kit includes a swing set, a nice polymer slide, a rock wall and a set of rope ladders in addition to the wooden ones. It’s a single tower design, that comes with a soft roof. Easy to setup, Trekker is pretty well made. All of the joints are made of metal and are as solid as they come.

The lumber used is on par with everything we’ve shown you today, meaning that with some maintenance you can use this kit all year round. When it comes to protection, they’ve used standard staining treatment for the wood, that is child safe. All things considered, this set is more on the entry level side of things, but is better suited for younger kids.

Dimensions: 10 x 18 x 16
Recommended Ages: 3-10 Years
Price: $843.99

Buy the Swing-N-Slide Trekker Wooden Play Set here.

9. Summerstone Cedar Summit Playset

summerstone cedar summit swing set

When it comes to partially closed off single tower playsets, you will hardly find a better kit than this one. We are talking complete wooden walls with realistic windows, nice doors on the bottom level and a sweet looking t-shaped roof to top it all off. Aside from looking amazing, this kit also comes with a wavy curved slide and a versatile swing set.

The latter features two standard swings and a glider swing which accommodates two kids. On the back side of the fort, you will find a standard set of ladders as well as a rock climbing wall. The ground level doesn’t feature a sandpit like we’re used to, but it does come with a bench and a mini bar-looking section. The set itself is pretty well made, however you should be aware that the cedar used for this model is not treated with a poly coating.

As far as cheap swing sets are concerned, the Summerstone Cedar Summit playset is the best option.

Dimensions: 18’1″ x 10’9″
Recommended Ages: 2 Years and Up
Price: $1,441.00

Buy the Summerstone Cedar Summit Playset here.

10. Backyard Discovery Capitol Peak

backyard discovery capitol cedar

In all essence, you could say that Backyard Discovery’s Capitol Peak is just a smaller version of their Kings Peak. The only real difference is the lack of one tower. You still get the monkey hangers, a solid plastic slide and a swing set on the right side of the fort. The tower comes with a wooden roof and features a pretty safe design.

Only portions of the side rails which are open are those used to access the slide, monkey hangers or the ladder in the back. Speaking of ladders, the ones included in this kit feature lengthy metal handles on each side. All in all, your kids will be pretty safe up there.

At the bottom, there’s a tarp covered sandpit, which makes it pretty easy to clean and maintain. The quality of the wood is pretty good, just like on Kings Peak while this kit also uses those heavy duty joints.

Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 11
Recommended Ages: 3-10 Years
Price: $1,281.99 (With Assembly), $1,758.99 (Without Assembly)

Buy the Backyard Discovery Capital Peak All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set here.

11. Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove Wood Swing Set

best wooden playsets gorilla playsets

The next swing set is a bit more compact but it has a lot more going on. What you see here with the Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove Wood Swing Set is a twin fort design where one of the towers has two different levels and is larger than the other. Both have sandpits on the ground level. The size of the sandpits differs from tower to tower, and the larger one is definitely suitable for a few kids to play together at the same time. In terms of features, it has both a spiral slide and a regular slide, both made of durable polymers. There’s also a small rock climbing wall that offers access to one of the forts, while the whole set is completed by a sturdy swing set.

The quality of the materials and elements they ship with this set is pretty impressive. Everything feels sturdy and inspires confidence. You don’t have to worry about your little ones’ safety. The set arrives with clear assembly manuals, so putting this thing together won’t be too difficult.

It’s best suited for multiple children, so whether you’re looking to supplement your daycare’s outdoor toys with something more formidable or you’ve got a big family, the Treasure Trove is truly that — a treasure!

Dimensions: 27’6″L x 19’W x 13’H
Recommended Ages: 3 Years and Up
Price: $3,435.89 (14 percent off MSRP)

Buy Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove Wood Swing Set here.

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