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Laser X has taken the toy world by storm since its initial launch in 2017, as everyone wants a laser tag game that they can play right at home. Now, NSI, makers of the Laser X brand, have announced a brand new addition to the line for 2019: the Laser X Morph.

What is the Laser X Morph?

The Laser X Morph is a new blaster that morphs into a target with three built-in games, so that you can practice your aim indoor on those rainy days where you can’t get outside. This allows Laser X to be played as a single-player experience or with friends.

Each of the toy laser guns has a 300-foot range, as well as lights and sound effects like the rest of the blasters in the line. It’s also the first set of blasters that allows players to have the option of keeping their targets on the blasters, themselves, or wearing the receivers on their arm.

Each retail set comes with two Morph blasters that will not only work with each other but work with the rest of the Laser X line as well. That means if you already have some Laser X blasters and targets, you can simply add the new Laser X Morph set to your arsenal for more play options.

Of course, parents need not worry about actual lasers, here. The Laser X line uses infrared beams, not actual lasers or light beams.

The set will require a total of 6 AAA batteries, which are not included in the retail packaging. So if you are looking to buy the Laser X Morph set, keep that in mind.

Where to Buy Laser X Morph Right Now

The Laser X Morph set is now available on Amazon and Target for $49.99. With Laser X gear also being available at other retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Learning Express, and more, the Laser X Double Morph set will likely make its way to those retailers by the holiday season later this year.

Want to see them in action? Check out the new Laser X Morph commercial below:

2019 NEW Laser X Morph Commercial :602019-05-07T20:05:38.000Z

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