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21 Best Ben 10 Toys: The Ultimate List

Ben 10 is still hugely popular with kids of all ages, so if you’re after the best Ben 10 toys, we’ve got every toy you need to see right here.

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Ben Ten Toys

People not familiar with the tv show sometimes end up searching for Ben Ten toys as opposed to Ben 10 toys. It's a minor difference, but it may end up being confusing for some. 

In short, the correct term is the numerical value of 10 rather than Ten. That said, who really cares how you spell? I don't, and I'm fairly confident anyone reading this won't either. 

Anyway, to be clear, if you've landed here searching for Ben Ten toys, everything on this list is a Ben 10 toy and you are most definitely in the right place. 

Ben 10 Watch Toy

The Ben 10 watch toy, more commonly known as the Omnitrix, is Ben's watch that allows him to transform into different aliens. If you've got a kid who loves the show and wants to role play as Ben in their make-believe games, the Omnitrix is a must. 

In terms of which Omnitrix you should pick up, there are a few different options. 

First up, we've got the Deluxe Omnitrix Watch. You'll find our expert reviews of that item on the gift guide above, but the short version is it's the best you can get. 

Next is the Omnitrix Watch with Game, which has four basic games on you play with the watch thanks to the in-built screen. 

The final two worth having a look at are the Ben 10 Alien Watch Projector and the Ultimate Omnitrix.

Personally, I'd advise going with the Delux Omnitrix or the Alien Watch Projector as I'm not massively into the other two. The games are very basic on the Omnitrix Watch with Game and the Ultimate version is cool, but it's not really a watch.

The Deluxe and Projector Ben 10 watch toys are both well worth looking at, though! 

Ben 10 Action Figures

What are the best Ben 10 action figures? Crikey, that's a tough one to answer, simply because it all comes down to which aliens you like best. 

If a child loves Four Arms, they're going to think the best Ben 10 action figure is the Four Arms one, so I don't think there really is an overall best because of how subjective it is. 

That said, if we're talking about the best range of figures, the answer is everything on this list. 

I purposely went out of my way to avoid the older, easier-to-break figures and only focus on the latest and greatest from the past year or so. 

Everything above is durable, easy to play with, and above all else, pure fun. And that, really, is all that matters. 

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