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11 Awesome Star Wars Drones to Fly at Home

Star Wars has introduced us to a ton of awesome aircraft over the last 30+ years. And now with toy drones being commonplace, it only makes sense to pair the tech with that of the galaxy far, far away. Our list of Awesome Star Wars Drones does just that, showing inexpensive options that’ll have you piloting the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and more right from your home.

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Propel Star Wars Drone

Propel is one of the few prominent brands out there that build awesome looking Star Wars drones that you can actually afford. The other being Air Hogs which you've likely noticed from our list. 

The Propel line features an X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Speeder Bike - all of which come numbered and within a Collectors Edition Box. They sport a wide-ranging radio spectrum so that numerous aircraft can zoom around at once. Top speeds hit an impressive 35mph. And each of the Star Wars drone feature built-in altitude stabilization to ensure that both kids and adults can enjoy their magic.

Star Wars TIE Fighter Drone

One of the baddest ships in the galaxy far, far away is no doubt Star Wars' TIE Fighter. So you know there's bound to be some great Star Wars drones out there that take their form. For instance, Propel's Star Wars Quadcopter: TIE Fighter takes the standard form of the ship and converts it into a Collectors Edition drone that's capable of flying up to 35mph.

Air Hogs has a take on the TIE too in the Star Wars RC Darth Vader's TIE Fighter Advanced. This takes Darth Vader's infamous ship from A New Hope transforms it into a Star Wars drone. It sports a ducted fan propeller and rudder control to provide Sith pilots with the authentic flying styles that their TIE ships are known for. And it's comprised of crash-resistant materials too so that it can take a beating and keep on coming back. 

Propel Star Wars Drone Collector's Edition

The trio of Star Wars drones that are available from Propel are also a part of the company's Quadcopter Collectors Edition line. The X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Speeder Bike are all hand-painted and come numbered for authenticity. And when they aren't flying through heated battles, they each come with a Collectors Edition Box to proudly display them within your home. 


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